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Belkin® Micro Grip - Black for iPod Touch

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This lightweight, easy-to-grip case provides your iPod with complete protection and full functionality. Made of durable rubberized material that fits right into your pocket.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: This rubberized case by Belkin with a soft backing and a stiff rubber front provides excellent protection for your iPod while giving it some great grip.

Durability: The case is overall very sturdy and stiff, but the Velcro strap which keeps the device in place could use some better manufacturing, after a few uses it started to come lose. So be very careful opening it or simply leave your iPod in the case as much as possible. At worst, you can always glue it back on with some super glue.

Design/Functionality: Overall the case looks very nice with its grid like texture and the striations on the side provide a very nice grip. Unfortunately, the design of the home button on the case leaves much to be desired and makes using the home button quite the hassle.


- Provides excellent grip.
- Comes with a screen protector.


- Fragile Velcro strap.
- Home button is extremely non responsive.


  • Lightweight, Ultimate protection & Micro Grip!
  • Long-lasting rubber molding with single-seam erection.
  • Genuine original manufactured product from Belkin.
  • Click-wheel protection allows easy steering.
  • Made of durable rubberized material.
  • Added grip to keep from falling out of your hand.
  • Provides complete protection and full functionality.
  • This design helps protect your Touch from smacks and contusion.


  • Clear screen protector.
  • Manufacturer : Belkin.
  • Manufacturer Part No: F8Z257.
  • Compatibility: iPod Touch.
  • Color: Black.

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