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Headset Pouch

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Now you can protect all of your  accessories with the  Leather Pocket. A zipper closure reveals two mesh pockets for storing and safeguarding all of your prized mobile possessions.



Fommy Product Review:

The BHeadset Pouch is great for anyone packing a lot of accessories but is always on the go. This small pouch measure in at 4.5 inches long by 3.2 inches wide by only half an inch thick, making it great to throw in your back pocket, bag or glove box.

The exterior of the pouch is made out of a semi-hard leather exterior that was in my testing quite resistant to damage. The pouch is closed with a standard zipper and I noticed no fraying or anything to indicate that it either poorly constructed or poorly attached. So this little compartment should last you quite a while.

Once you open it up you'll find two mesh/net style pocked on each half. These are perfect for your standard accessories like memory cards, headphones, backup batteries, etc... But things that are thick won't fit in there, so while you can fit most headsets in the pouches, don't count on putting in the cradle or the actual charging cable. I do wish the mesh had a bit more give to make accessibility easier, but it's still a great little pouch, and not bad looking either.