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2 in 1 U.S. Car and Wall Adapter Travel Charger Kit - Black

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The 2 in 1 Travel Charger Kit is an all in one solution. This kit comes with 1 Vehicle Power Adapter/car charger and 1 AC Adapter/wall charger. Charge any one of your electronic gadgets capable of being charged via USB…….MP3 players, mobile phones and all of your other high tech accessories. This universal charging set works with any phone as long as you use your phone's compatible USB charging cable. To use the charging set, simply plug one end of your existing USB cable into the USB port of the chargers and the other end into your phone and start charging. Compatible with most phones. Note: USB cable sold separately.



Fommy Product Review:
This travel charger kit is a successful way to keep your Smartphone’s battery refreshed and ready to use, especially if you already have the existing USB cable for your device.
Overview: This compact lightweight travel charger kit includes two charger adapters: one wall outlet and one vehicle power (car charging) outlet. By combined with your USB charging cable and your wall power outlet or vehicle’s standard cigarette lighter/power port you can to keep your Smartphone charged at all times. This charger kit utilizes the USB port, which is becoming increasingly common all over the world.
Performance: Nowadays, you need to keep up your phones battery and with so many features on smartphones, power tends to run out faster so a combo kit like this makes total sense. I really consider this charger kit to be the must have accessory for any person with any mobile device, not just for convenience but for safety as well, since having your phone available and powered can literally be a life saver, not just for you, but for other people on the road as well. So do yourself a favor and pick up this one, you wont be disappointed with the convenience, quality or performance.
Conclusion: This is a must-have accessory, designed by FE, which is usable with almost all the range charging cables available for your smartphone. If you have a phone, or even if you just ride in your vehicle a lot or out of your home, you definitely need one of this.
  • Quick and simple installation!
  • A must have product for frequent traveler.
  • Portable charger adapters plugs into lighter outlet or wall charger outlet easily.
  • This charger kit is easy to operate and even easier to store.
  • LED charging indicator - lets you know when your device is charging.
  • Compatible with your existing USB cable.
  • 1 Wall charger adapter.
  • 1 Car charger adapter.
  • LED indicator.
  • Color: Black.