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2300 mAh Extended Battery and Door - Black for BlackBerry Storm 9530

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Now you can double, even triple your usage time with this extended lithium ion battery. This battery boasts an impressive 3.7v 2300 mAh capacity. Extended black battery door fits perfectly over your long life battery and on your BlackBerry Storm. Get the most out of your device with the 2300 mAh extended battery! Note: This product is not manufactured by RIM.


Fommy Product Review:

The Storm, being a full touch screen device, has one big problem shared with most other similar devices: battery life. It clocks in at 6 hours of talk time and 15 days standby at the base; but with the power consumption required by most other applications and features you may find yourself going through a batter in half that time, which is very inconvenient for those of us who do not always keep our charger handy. But if you dont mind adding a bit of depth to your phone, an extended battery can be a great solution.

This extended battery clocks in at 2300 mAh or roughly 1.6 times the battery life of the standard model, this theoretically extends talk time to 9.6 hours and standby to 24 days (regardless of what the manufactuers say, battery life is ultimately dependent upon how much the user uses all the features). This is a fairly significant increase, but frequent users may still find themselves charging frequently, but it should reduce the amount of times they need to charge over the long run significantly. For standard users who dont use their device all day, they may now be able to go a couple of days inbetween charges.

The convenience does come at a price though, the battery is larger than its predecessor and requires a replacment door, which is provided with the battery. Aside from making your phone about a quarter of an inch thicker and a tad heavier, the door doesnt look as nice as its predecessor and is missing both logos. But if you dont mind sacrificing some aesthetics and the standard size cases, this is a great choice for significantly extending your Storms battery life.


• A great way to stay in touch with beloved ones!
• Safe, reliable and long-lasting.
• High Performance Lithium Ion battery.
• Be prepared to stay in touch when your original battery loses its charge.
• Comes with an extended battery door.


• Type: Li-ion Battery.
• Capacity: 2300 mAh.
• Talk time: 9.6 hrs.
• Standby time: 24 days.
• Manufactured by: 4C.
• Color: Black.


  • This extended battery is not made by BlackBerry.

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