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Baby Toy Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Tangram

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This puzzle is made up of five triangles and two quadrilateral. There are seven colors. It is a good toy for babies to learn to distinguish colors and shapes. This product is made of solid wood material, and the edges are polished with smooth and safe environmental protection paint without any harmful substances, so it can be used safely. Different shapes can be spliced, such as dog, log cabin, flying birds, walking people, etc.

CAUTION: Choking Hazard - Small Parts . Not For Children Under 8 Years



  • Bright colors, cultivate the baby's ability to recognize colors.
  • Many small pieces of puzzles, training baby's combination ability.
  • Develop your baby's intelligence during the practice.
  • Increase children's sense of accomplishment and exercise sensitive to things.
  • During the puzzle process, the baby can move up and down by hand to exercise the flexibility of his wrist.
  • 360 degree smooth and no cracking, soft corner treatment, do not hurt the baby's small hand.

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