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AMZER Car Charger for Sony Ericsson - fommystore

AMZER Car Charger for Sony Ericsson R300, Sony Ericsson T Series, Sony Ericsson S710 Series

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This car charger for your Sony Ericsson allows you to easily charge your phone in your vehicle. It simply plugs into your handheld cell phone and the vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port providing unlimited standby and talk time. Internal "Smart Chip" monitors current and voltage, won't overcharge your battery NiCd, NiMh or Li-Ion batteries. Red indicator light lets you know when device is charging. 3mm curly cord stretches up to 6 feet.



Fommy Product Review:
Are there times you need to charge your Sony Ericsson on-the-go? The AMZER Car Charger for Sony Ericsson is a great way to keep Sony Ericsson’s battery refreshed and ready to use, especially if you are a "road warrior."
Overview: This compact lightweight AMZER Sony Ericsson Car Charger uses your vehicle’s standard cigarette lighter/power port to keep your Sony Ericsson charged when youre on the go. This charger uses now the specific style charger adapter, which is becoming increasingly common on a few Sony Ericsson devices. 
Let’s face it. Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily life and it’s really hard to imagine even a day without them. Well, a dead cell phone is even worse. So, always have backup charging with you and the best one could be your cell phone car charger, because it is the place where most of us spend a lot of your time, next to your home and office. You can even carry them along with you and use them whenever needed, whether on long road trips or even the short ones to the airport.
I really consider a car charger to be the #1 must have accessory for any person with any mobile device, not just for convenience but for safety as well, since having your Sony Ericsson available and powered can literally be a life saver, not just for you, but for other people on the road as well. So do yourself a favor and pick up this one, you wont be disappointed with the convenience, quality or performance.
Conclusion: This is a must have accessory, designed by AMZER. If you have a car and a Sony Ericsson, or even if you just ride in a car a lot, you definitely need one of these handy chargers.


  • Compact, stylish and lightweight!
  • Gives you short circuit protection. 
  • Portable charger plugs into lighter outlet.
  • A must have product for frequent traveler.
  • This car charger lets you turn your car’s cigarette lighter port into a power source. 
  • The slim, stylish adapter fits perfectly in any vehicle, and delivers 12-24 volts DC. 
  • LED charging indicator - lets you know when your Sony Ericsson is charging.
  • Easy-to-use plug-in cigarette lighter adapter powers your during calls and conserves your Sony Ericsson battery life.


  • 3 mm curly cord.
  • Color: Black. 
  • LED indicator.
  • Short circuit Protection. 
  • Product Type: Car Charger. 
  • Manufactured by: AMZER.

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