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AMZER Kristal Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Nokia Intrigue 7205 - pack of 6

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Protect your Nokia Intrigue 7205 with a high quality screen protector. Made of a special micro thin polymer, this screen protector reduces glare and improves clarity. It truly is the ultimate solution in protecting your screen from fingerprints, dirt, scratches, smudges, and grease. It is custom designed to fit your Nokia Intrigue 7205 perfectly. Once applied to the device the screen protector adheres completely and does not slide or move. Easy to remove – simply peel it off and replace with a new one when needed. Pack of 6 self adhering protectors.



Fommy Product Review:

Overview: The AMZER Anti-Glare Screen protector for Nokia Intrigue 7205 provides a six-pack of easy to use skins while reducing the glare, keeping your Nokia Intrigue 7205 easily usable all the times while keeping it protected.

Durability: In general, screen protectors need to be thin enough to maintain usability while providing crucial protection for one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of your Nokia Intrigue 7205 and this one strike a very nice balance. It held up after undertaking keys, scratches and other small mishaps and still worked perfectly even if it did show some very minor damage. But otherwise, unless you gouge or gore it severely, it should not tear, rip or need to be replaced frequently. And even if you do manage to destroy it, the package comes with five more protectors.

Design/Functionality: First of all, this screen protector is very easy to use; you simply apply the sticky side of the protector to the Nokia Intrigue 7205 screen and use the plastic card to force the bubbles out and then you give it 24 hours so set and the bubbles should have dissipated. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the screen before applying it so you dont get anything trapped like dirt, dust and fingerprints inside.

A screen protector has to do very little, and this one fills all its roles very well, and the only other possible addition this could have is a privacy filter. In addition it also reduces the reflectiveness of the unprotected screen, making it much easier to view either in the fluorescent lighting of the office or just outside in a bright, sunny day.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a screen protector that combines sensitivity, protection, glare reduction, and will last you a very long time, this is an excellent choice for your Nokia Intrigue 7205.


  • Special 6-Pack Bundle for convenience and savings! 
  • Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting your Eyes.  
  • Isn’t flimsy, but made from firmer high-grade thermoplastics designed for durability.  
  • Simply peel it off and replace with a new one when needed.  
  • Custom made for your Nokia Intrigue 7205.  
  • Easy to remove without any adhesive or marks.  
  • Smudge repellant, will not leave oily marks from fingers.


  • Pack of 6 protectors.  
  • Bubble-free application.  
  • Anti glare.  
  • Fingerprint free.  
  • Dust repelling.  
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.

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