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AMZER Kristal Privacy Tempered Glass HD Edge2Edge Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

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Are you looking for both privacy and protection altogether while working on your iPhone 7 Plus in public places? Well, let us introduce you to the slimmest AMZER® Kristal™ Privacy Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector for your device. It features Bevelled 3D™ edges, an AMZER® exclusive, which prevents fractures and chipping on the sides of the glass and it integrates seamlessly with your device. It provides complete protection for your iPhone 7 Plus's touchscreen while simultaneously acting as a privacy filter, it comes with rounded borders, prevents chipping at the edges for complete protection. It keeps your screen fingerprint and smudge free and provides the quick responsive touch and vibrant clarity. This new adhesive tempered glass technology provides a worry free installation with a simple swipe and prevents the glass from splintering into sharp edges while facing heavy impact.
Note: Due to the iPhone's curved edges this screen protector does not cover entire screen. Will Accommodate Devices with Protective Cases On.



  • Screen will be completely black when viewed from left or right, Screen is only visible from the direct angle.
  • Maintain the privacy of your screen when you are in a crowded area, such as bus, train, airplane, etc.
  • The slimmest & stronger HD screen protector than regular.
  • Bevelled 3D™ edges, an AMZER® exclusive, prevents chipped or fractured sides.
  • Absolute NO interference on touchscreen.
  • Premium Tempered Glass with silicone coating, prevents the glass from splintering into sharp edges.
  • Uniquely processed transparent glass and scratch resistant material.
  • Scratch resistance hard coating 8-9H.
  • 0.4mm thin.
  • Due to the iPhones rounded edges, Privacy Screen Protector sized smaller than iPhone screen.
  • Case-friendly.Results may vary under different lighting conditions, for optimal results use in natural light.
  • 2 way privacy, works only in portrait view.
  • Product Type: Kristal™ Privacy Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector.
  • Compatible Model: iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.
  • Part No: AMZ200364.


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