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AMZER Polished Snap On Crystal Hard Case for Treo 800w - Neon Green

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The new Amzer Snap On Case is designed specifically for your Treo 800w, hugging every curve. Made of lightweight yet durable plastic material, it will safeguard your phone without adding extra bulk. So say good-bye to accidental bumps and scratches on your Treo. Exact cutouts allow speedy access to critical controls. Protecting your new gadget has never been this easy. On the back, a detachable swivel beltclip helps you in perfect positioning while sitting and standing. Get your Snap On Case for your Treo 800w today!



Fommy Product Review:

Overview: This Palm Treo 800w Snap-On Case by AMZER provides a simple hard plastic, durable design with great usability and functionality for your Palm Treo 800w.

Durability: There isn't a whole lot here, and that's what keeps it tough. Each half of the case is made a very durable, but lightweight plastic material that will gladly take all the punishment of you and your Palm Treo 800w while it keeps on going. The material has enough give where it won't snap easily and is resistant to drops, scrapes and light cuts without even showing a scratch. Heavy wounds will show a bit, as will cuts, but even if the paint fades away, the plastic underneath will hold out and serve you for a very long time. I personally used this style of case for two years, and even though at the end the case was battered and the paint was faded, the gem it was protecting held out even after countless drops, fumbles and rough trips.

Design/Functionality: The design is fairly simple and very straightforward to use; it's two pieces of molded plastic the snap together very tightly. But even though it securely snaps together, when you need to, a bit of correctly applied pressure makes it very easy to remove, making sure you don’t have to break the case or a nail to get it off.

The material is very lightweight and the well molded design keeps it from being bulky. All in all it'll only add about three millimeters to the thickness of the Palm Treo 800w, and even that is barely noticeable due to the beveled design around the edges that keeps everyone on the Palm Treo 800w easily accessible.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a case that will hold out under heavy wear and tear while keeping your Palm Treo 800w firmly secure and protected, this is a great choice. The only real downside to this case is that the coated plastic material doesn't provide much of a grip and can be a bit slick. Otherwise, I think this is a very affordable case that can potentially last years. I personally recommend it.


  • Ingenious designed new Snap on case from AMZER!
  • Smooth to the touch! Definitive fit for maximum protection!
  • Fashionable and dazzling design for your new Palm Treo 800w.
  • Made with the high-quality material to protect your Palm Treo 800w.
  • Hard cover just snaps right over your Palm Treo 800w.
  • Easy snap on installation – No tools required.
  • Give your phone a customized look while providing protection.
  • Stylish front and back cover designed to fit perfectly. 
  • Allows you to plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.
  • Comes with optional belt clip for your wearing comfort as well as enables you to keep your device safe and secure.
  • Defend from scratches, dust or anything else that comes into contact with your Palm Treo 800w.


  • Cutouts for all ports and functionalities. 
  • Material: Durable plastic material. 
  • 2 pieces of Snap on pieces. 
  • Manufacturer: AMZER. 
  • Color: Polished Neon Green.

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