SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy
SlimGrip Case iPhone 12 | fommy

AMZER Ultra Hybrid SlimGrip Case for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro With Clear Back, Metal Bumper

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CLEARLY this is the case you've been searching for! Sleek and minimal, it's protection with a crystal-clear view to your iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro. Transparent impact resistant hybrid casing with a durable TPU bumper protects against impact from falls and bumps. TPU buttons protecting the volume and power for a little extra coverage. Cutouts for all ports and controls for instant access and the bezel surrounding your screen is extended for a lay flat design, allowing you to place the phone face-down without the screen touching the tabletop!


Features of iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Hybrid SlimGrip Case:


  • Provides excellent protection for your iPhone 12.
  • Quality material used for this hybrid case to provide a shield and avoid scratches.
  • The smooth outer back shell provides sure grip to keep your iPhone 12 from dropped or bumped.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to all the functionalities.
  • Precisely engineered includes custom cut-outs to fit your iPhone 12 perfectly.
  • Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.


  • Product Type: SlimGrip Hybrid Case.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.

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PART: AMZ206685
UPC: 8905148451214


SKU: 206689 - Silver
PART: AMZ206689
UPC: 8905148451252

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Perfect fit, great case for the bucks

In general the case is great. Cozy fit. I've had many of this style from Amzer and I truly appreciate that the backs are obvious to flaunt the shading yet it likewise has shading around the focal points so the blaze actually works appropriately. Assuming you utilize an absolutely clear case the blaze will clean out al your photographs genuinely terrible.


Fits like a glove and works with MagSafe!

To begin, this phone case arrived in a magnificent bundle. Looked very magnificent and expert. The crate contained 2 screen defenders, a cleaning unit, a screen defender utensil device and the case it's self. I was exceptionally dazzled with initial feeling and I additionally love the amazing way it feels. Buttons work preferred with this case over some other case I've Had. Assuming I could accomplish in excess of 5 star I would.

Looks good, MagSafe charging ok!!

The one negative with regards to this case is the buttons aren't actually balanced from the case. Can make it somewhat hard to track down the buttons in the event that you're somewhat new to their areas. Regardless of whether you know about them it's as yet ideal to have the material feel of a raised button for iphone 12.

Stevie Lewis
Legit! Sturdy and fits so perfect 💝

Simply love it.

The primary thing that charmed me is the bundling. It is carefully bundled and balanced frill, similar to separate defenders an envelope, establishment guide and adorable stickers. Also the directed edge for screen defender.
The case is truly delicate and finely made. Most likely, about the nature of the material utilized. It goes impeccably with phone. I generally disapprove of clear case since they are think and make my phone greater. Yet, this one is the best clear case I have at any point utilized.

Jean Gray
Great clear case to show off your new iPhone!

I was entirely amazed in this bundle show. It unquestionably is an extraordinary worth and assembled. Here is all that comes in this container.

2. (2) Screen Defenders
3. Screen Defender Establishment Unit (wipes and residue stickers)
4. Screen Defender establishment outline
5. Directions
6. Gift Stickers

I truly like the appearance of this dark case. It's thin with an extremely precise, current look to it. The iced (not satisfactory) backing truly praises the dbrand teardown skin I have on my iphone 12 ace.

The screen defenders are alright, not the most ideal quality but rather it will fill it's need. They are not as thick or as smear safe contrasted with a few different organizations. What I truly do like is that there's no indent pattern, there is just an opening for the ear speaker. It gives the smartphone a more uniform look, however I'm not exactly certain in the event that front camera quality will endure as a result of it. It is additionally extremely simple to introduce with the gave outline.

Over all, this an incredible incentive for the cash