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BC Pink & White Zebra Laser Cut Silicone Skin for BlackBerry Storm 2 9550

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Personalize and protect your BlackBerry Storm from the elements with this skin-tight Laser Cut Silicone Skin. Laser Cut Silicone Skins have their designs etched onto the skin giving a more dynamic appearance. This Silicone Skin prevents scratches, chips, dents and finger prints from accumulating on your delicate cell phone. Custom fit for your BlackBerry, this skin has precise openings for audio jack, charging port, speakers and camera and allows you full access to all phone functions.



Fommy Product Review:

Overview: If you’re like me, you just get up in the morning and throw your phone in your pocket (or purse for the ladies). Keeping your phone in decent condition while keeping it functional can be quite a task, many cases and sleeves are bulky, restrict access to buttons and in general make the phone substantially more difficult to use. For you BlackBerry Storm users, you have your solution.

Durability: Being a solid piece of molded silicone, is very durable. No, sane, reasonable amount of stretching should damage or rip it; and nor did it show any damage from cuts, scrapes and the like. Additionally, even after severe stretching it snapped right back to its original shape with no noticeable loss of durability or snugness.

Design/Functionality: The skins currently come in five varieties: Black with purple zebra stripes, Pink with white stars, hot pink with white zebra strikes, black with white zebra stripes, and black with white stars; which gives the back of your phone a bit more style. Ascetics aside, they fit snugly and are a breeze to attach, you just stretch the skin over your BlackBerry and it’s done. The form fitting sleeves still provide you access to every single button, port, speaker and lens with no noticeable extra effort needed to use any of them.

Conclusion: All in all, the product is extremely functional, very easy to use and looks good in a variety of colors and patterns.

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