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Body Glove® Shield Protector Glove Case with Belt Clip Kickstand for BlackBerry Bold 9650

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The Body Glove Shield protective case offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit BlackBerry Niagra/ Tour 9630 case.This Body Glove Shield protective case is phone protection at its best - sleek, sophisticated, and designed to fit like a glove! This case features a durable hard shell wrapped in a combination of textured materials that are easy to grip and protect your BlackBerry Niagra/ Tour 9630 from scratches. This case allows for access to all controls along with the charging port. Features a rapid release locking swivel belt clip and kickstand for instant BlackBerry Niagra/ Tour 9630 access, along with a removable belt clip knob for a low profile look!


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: Body Glove has been around for over 50 years, and while they started out making wetsuits they have ventured forth into other areas; providing excellent products in swimming, running and now mobile phone protection. This Body Glove Snap On Case for the smartphone provides excellent protection and versatility as well.

Durability: The rubberized coating over the plastic shell underneath provides excellent durability while still being lightweight. Even separated, all the components are durable and resistant to bending and snap right back when they are bent. You would have to overextend the product greatly to snap the plastic components.

The belt clip is plastic as well, which always makes me a bit nervous, but it seems to hold up extremely well and shows no signs of warping after opening it far wider than it needs to be.

Design/Functionality: In my opinion, the greatest feature of this case is oddly the belt clip. Not only does it ratchet in both directions infinitely, it also can fold out into a kickstand, letting you easily watch your movies and other media at your desk in comfort and leisure, so you don’t need a cradle with this bad boy. In addition, the belt clip also pops out and can be replaced with a bit of rubber it comes with to cover up the hole.

All in all, the phone maintains much of its functionality, where it suffers the most is the two cut outs for the mute and lock buttons. The holes were simply too small for my fingers to use comfortably, although your own mileage may vary in this regard.

Also, not really a complaints or a benefit, the case is extremely hard to get off once you get it on. You’ll probably have to use some sort of lever to pry the top of it apart, so this case probably isn’t great unless you plan on using it for an extended period of time.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a great, functional case that can be used by itself or at your hip, this is a great choice.


  • Snap on hard case covered with a textured sand material for your smartphone!
  • Newly designed custom fit case makes it a perfect pair for your smartphone!
  • Allows you to plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.
  • Ultimate custom fit for maximum protection.
  • Easy snap-on installation requires no additional tools.
  • Installation will take only seconds.
  • Precise cutouts give access to all controls along with the charging port.
  • Removable knob for a low profile.
  • Adjustable kickstand built into clip.
  • Kickstand allows for multiple viewing angles.


  • Removable knob.
  • Adjustable kick stand.
  • Built-in clip.
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Manufactured by: Body Glove.
  • Manufactured Part No.: 9109701
  • Color: Black.

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