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Body Glove® Zenith Case for BlackBerry Pearl 8220

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The Zenith protective case shields your phone from bumps, scratches, and moisture in a fashionable style. The durable material is easy to grip and flexible to fit your phone. A 180 degree rotating money clip attaches to your belt, pocket, or purse for added convenience and instant phone access.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: Looking for a case for your phone but don't know which to get or simply want to make a single investment? The Body Glove Horizontal Case is perfect for you.

Durability:  The case itself was the most impressive, it stood up to my typical array of damage and only came out with a single scratch that took a bit of force to make, so this case is going to take a while for you to destroy if you are abusive, otherwise this thing should basically last forever. The leather and fiber exterior proved to be extremely resistant and shock proof, a winning combination and it even help up well against cuts and sharp force trauma as well.

Additionally, the case does have a fixed belt clip (a downside), but it's also coated in the pseudo leather like material, which should drastically increase it's life span drastically. Unlike some of Body Glove's other cases for multiple phones, this one makes use of a magnetic flap, something that I like to see more and more of due to both durability and convenience.

Design/Functionality: This case, being one designed for a wide range of devices does fall a bit under the bar as flexibility of devices go. The case is simply too short to accommodate many larger phones these days, but it seems like it was tailored to specifically house Motorola devices, the RAZR being an absolutely perfect fit. So if your phone is larger than that, it likely won't fit, so I recommend you consult the compatibility list before purchasing it. On the upside, the flap doesn't completely encapsulate the phone, making it a good choice if you have an older phone with a protruding antenna.

Otherwise, the case is fairly simple and no frills: a magnetic flap and a fixed in place belt clip.

Conclusion: As a case designed for a range of devices, I think it fails, but overall this is a great case if your phone supports it. It could use some improvements though in flexibility and usability.

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