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Case-Mate® Carbon Fiber Leather Case - Black for iPhone 3G

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This rare leather has only been used in high end aftermarket cars (Techart Porsche) and very high end cell phones (Vertu). We at Case-mate worked closely with our tanneries to develop this very special leather for our customers. Our exclusive Carbon Fiber leather is wrapped around an impact resistant molded shell for the ultimate in protection and style. Screen protection is also included with the Case-Mate iPhone 3G Carbon Fiber Leather Case.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: Case-Mate makes a wide variety of cases and other protection equipment for mobile electronics, and this rugged leather holster case shows their experience in design and functionality. It has quite the hefty price tag but is a very high quality product.

Durability: The case is a molded plastic impact resistant shell surrounded by carbon fiber reinforced leather and the interior lining is made of a surprisingly soft and gentle material.  The special leather was apparently used in high end cars before Case-Mate ported it over, and it’s definitely the stand out feature of this case. Even after repeated bends there was no sign of wear, warping, or damage. This case should last you a very long time.

Design/Functionality: The shell itself is fitted perfectly and is large enough to protect the vast majority of the edges and even protect the face from screen down falls. All the ports and buttons are exposed, but the leather is thick and makes access to the side buttons very difficult, although you easily slide out the Apple iPhone 3G/ 3G S if you need to change it out. The face of the Apple iPhone 3G/ 3G S is very exposed though, so just make sure nothing lands on it and you’ll be great; and as an added bonus it comes bundled with a screen protector to prevent scratches. The only downside is that the case is quite thickness.
Conclusion: This is one of the best cases I’ve seen. If you don’t mind adding a bit of bulk to your Apple iPhone 3G/ 3G S and lightening your wallet a bit, this is a great product for either the professional or enthusiast on the go. 


- Very Sturdy.
- Comes with screen protector and cleaning cloth.


- Fairly large.
- Access to side buttons is little bit difficult.

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