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Case-Mate® Clear Armor for BlackBerry 8300

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The BlackBerry Curve 8300 is a high precision technical device which demands high precision technical protection that only Case-mate's Clear Armor can provide. Crafted from a unique transparent film, Clear Armor envelopes your BlackBerry Curve 8300 with unrivaled defense. With Clear Armor, Case-mate is the Clear leader in device protection. Note: Clear Armor is not compatible with Case-mate's Naked Cases.


Fommy Product Review:

This thin coat case by Case-Mate protects your device from scratches and scrapes; it takes a bit of effort, but it goes a long way.

Like most of the film skin cases, it is significantly harder to use than a standard case. You have to carefully apply a series of thin sheets and then let them set. This involves using a liquid to coat your hands and the sheets, so you have a chance to apply it correctly before the glue sets (onto either your device or your fingers). Then you apply the sheets onto the device, using the corners and cut-outs as a guide, and then you let it set for a few moments and use the included plastic card to remove excess liquid and bubbles. Then you simply give it some time for the adhesive to set and 24-48 hours for the remaining bubbles to dissipate. If that sounds complicated, but it really isnt, and unlike some competitors your phone wont be out of commission most of the day either since the solution dries relatively quickly. I do heartily recommend you power off your phone and remove the battery just in case you manage to use too much liquid. Just remember not to apply the liquid directly to the device and you should be safe.

Once applied, the phone does feel a bit different, a bit rubbery if you will which does improve grip slightly. The screen does have a bit of a grip, but that may dissapate with use like many screen protectors. And overall it does give the phone a glossy sheen, for better or worse.

It is very durable, and youll have to bring the pain to pierce both the skin and the device beneath it, but even a vigorous rub with a pair of scissors only dented the surface and the device under was unphased. Of course, being a thin film, falls are still going to be an issue, as are any major shocks. If youre concerned with that problem, I recommend getting a thicker case to apply over it; it may be overkill, but youll have amazing all around protection. Otherwise, the only glaring problem is the device doesnt cover the entire device, and corners are still exposed which can be a problem over time if you like to throw your phone in your pocket...

Additionally, most of these cases have a warranty where you can ship it back, pay a few bucks and get a replacement. This one has that as well, but it does not cover faulty placement, so you better be careful. Fortunately, the set does come with two sets and if you apply sufficient liquid you should have ample time to place it correctly on the device.


• Highest quality protective film!
• Crafted from a unique transparent film.
• Clear Armor envelopes your BlackBerry with unrivaled defense.
• This film will protect your BlackBerry for years to come.
• Installation is easy.
• Comes with lifetime warranty.


• Clear Armor.
• Micro-fiber cleaning cloth.
• Bottle of application solution.
• Applicator card.
• Manufactured by: Case-Mate.
• Manufacturer Part No: BB8300-ARM.

Easy 4 step installation…

1. Simply remove the film from the backing.
2. Spray it with the included solution to moisten it
3. Position it on your phone.
4. Smooth the bubbles out and let it dry.

Pack Includes: 

• 2 sets of Clear Armor.
• A micro-fiber cleaning cloth.
• A bottle of application solution.
• An applicator card.
• Application instructions.

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