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Cellet® Elite Rubberized Holster for BlackBerry Bold 9650

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Keeping your BlackBerry Tour 9630 right where you want it just got a whole lot easier with the Cellet Elite Rubberized Holster. The exterior is wrapped in a rubberized material giving it a satin feel, which is soft to the touch and provides a greater grip on your BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry is held securely in place with a uniquely designed spring clip and can be conveniently retrieved in a snap. The belt clip rotates 180 degrees with 8 different locking positions for greater positioning while sitting or standing. And this holster does support your BlackBerry's Sleeper Function, conserving battery life while inside the holster!



  • Sturdy and smart AMZER holster provides maximum comfort and flexibility! 
  • This holster is made of high-quality rubberized plastic. 
  • This high-impact rubberized holster is designed specifically for your Blackberry Tour 9630. 
  • Allow you to slip your Blackberry Tour 9630 in and out of the holster with one hand. 
  • Securely holds your Blackberry Tour 9630 in place, and remains easy to remove. 
  • A heavily reinforced, ratcheting belt clip that really stays on your belt. 
  • The belt clip ensures protection and ease while carrying your handset. 
  • The spring clip securely holds your Blackberry Tour 9630 in place.
  • This holster supports the sleeper function which is automatically shuts off the backlight of the device while in holster.
  • It also means you can choose different notification settings (ring, vibrate or both) based on whether your handheld is in or out of this convenient holster.


  • Type: Holster
  • Material: Rubberized plastic
  • Face-in placement
  • Rotational belt clip
  • Sleeper function
  • Color: Black
  • Manufactured by: AMZER

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