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Griffin® Wave Interlocking Case - Pink for iPhone 3G

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Unique wave-shaped closures define the elegant styling as well as the functionality of this translucent case for iPhone 3G. Insert your iPhone, mate the two matched wave shapes on the sides of the case, and press. Your iPhone is safely enclosed in a clear but durable and protective polycarbonate case. The included rigid screen protector guards against scratches, grit and dust, but allow complete control of your iPhone.



• Innovative, Long-lasting, and attractive polycarbonate protection for your iPhone 3G.
• The unique and elegant wave-shaped closures on the sides with maximum surface area!
• This closure makes a design statement is style as well as functionality, in this protective case.
• The overlapping curves of the closure provide maximum surface area to lock together securely.
• Keeps your iPhone 3G from scratches, drops, and bumps at all the times.
• Your iPhone 3G is enclosed at all corners in clear but durable polycarbonate.
• The included rigid screen protector defends your touch-screen, but allows complete control of your iPhone 3G.
• It provides full access to ports and controls without removing your iPhone 3G from this wave-shaped closure.
• Different colors are available for your desire.


• Design: Wave-shaped closure.
• Material: Polycarbonate.
• Unique design for iPhone 3G.
• Color: Pink.
• Manufacturer: Griffin Technology.
• Manufacturer Part No: 8229-IP2WVP.

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