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Motorola® Holster - Black for Motorola T720i

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This Black holster has a swivel attached clip. It is universal and can be adjusted to fit the medium phone style. It is leather over steel with velvet like padding inside. To use it for other series requires adjusting the sides until it is molded to the shap of your phone.



  • The Motorola T720 Holster is specifically designed for the Motorola T720.
  • It features a rotating plastic clip on the back of the holster, which allows you to wear the Nextel phone in complete comfort.
  • Made of sturdy plastic, the holster is built to last.
  • The Motorola T720 holster is form-fitted to your Motorola T720.
  • Holsters carry the phone in comfort, protects them from damage, and conveniently release for quick access.
  • All ports are accessable in the holstor.


  • Material: Premium plastic.
  • Type: Belt Clips & Holsters.
  • Manufacturer: Motorola.
  • Color: Black.

Motorola T720i
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