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Nite Ize Medium Tone Phone Case - Lavender for BlackBerry 8110

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Introducing a new size of Nite Ize Phone Lavender Case. This company you have come to know and love for their durable cell phone cases and pouches has a new line of products made of 100% recycled fabric. The cases themselves are designed with stylish color schemes and embroidery and invoke a serene and peaceful natural theme. There are 2 universal sizes to fit most cell phones and smartphones. The cases are customized with magnetic closure and 2" low profile super strong flex-clip for maximum convenience. Added bonus: webbing at the top back for adding a carabineer if needed.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: The Medium Tone Phone Case is a great, durable product that fits a wide variety of devices. Nite Ize, located in Boulder, Colorado knows how to make tough products for when youre either on the go, at the office, or hiking through the snow. Also as a great bonus and as an assurance to their quality, Nite Ize covers the case with a full lifetime warranty.

Durability: The case is made out of 100% recycled fabric and features a rugged plastic belt clip. The case uses Velcro as well, and even after several openings and closings it still held strong and didnt lose any fibers. The padding is fantastic and the phone barely made a noise even after a drop of a few feet and showed no sign of damage. The belt clip is plastic, but it took a significant amount of bending beyond the normal level of usage before it showed any sign of damage or discoloration, and still showed no sign of snapping.

Design/Functionality: The case is fairly difficult to open for a Velcro case, but it makes up for this small drawback by keeping your device secure and firmly in place. In addition it features a very slim belt clip attachment and has a small loop for a lanyard as well, giving you several options for how you want to carry it around. All the color combinations look excellent accented with black, but the straight black one will compliment the colors on the biggest variety of devices. The only downsides are that the belt clip is in a fixed position and doesnt rotate and that the device doesnt completely encase the device, so if you have a particularly large phone or one with antennae the exposed parts still may get damaged.


- Extremely rugged and durable while not being too big.
- Great colors and design.
- Lifetime warranty.


- Plastic, fixed position belt clip.
- Some larger and more shapely devices may have exposed bits.


• Super-strong, slim, and low profile!
• 100% recycled fabric.
• Protects your phone from dings, scratches, daily wear and tear.
• Plastic flex belt clip for convenient access and portability.
• Magnetic closure keeps your smartphone safe and secure at all the times.
• Small loop on the top of the case allows you to attach a carabiner or lanyard.


• Tone Swipe Holster.
• Universal Size: Medium.
• Material: 100% recycled fabric.
• Color: Lavender.
• Manufactured by: Nite Ize.
• Manufacturer Part No: TPCM-03-MAG23.

Note: Due to the elastic construction of these holsters, dimensions are approximations.

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BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8330
BlackBerry 8320
BlackBerry 8310
BlackBerry 8300 curve
BlackBerry 8300
BlackBerry 8130
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BlackBerry 8110
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