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OtterBox™ Defender Series Case - Black for BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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The OtterBox for BlackBerry Curve Defender Series gives you high quality protection. Case will keep your BlackBerry Curve protected from drops, bumps, dust and shock. All features, keys and ports are accessible through the case, providing you with a unique, interactive safeguard. You can use your device to perform all functions without having to take it out of the case. Holster style swivel belt clip Included with this case is a for carrying convenience.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: OtterBox, based in Colorado has long been known for making great cases for devices, whether they be protecting notebooks in a rain forest or protecting your phone at a construction site. Their products are built though, and the Defender Series cases live up to that legacy by providing excellent protection that can stand up to impressive damage and wear.

Durability: If this case is anything, it’s durable. The entire thing is very strong and extremely well built, all the way from the plastic keyboard protector to the protective skin that wraps around the plastic frame. It took all the common things thrown at a BlackBerry Curve and quite literally came through without a scratch.

Design/Functionality: The entire case is built around pure protection and has three layers to accomplish it.

The first layer is entirely optional, it is a simple, clear plastic protector that wraps around the keyboard, conforming to the shape of the keys for optimum use. As well as providing protection for the keyboards typical wear and tear it additionally prevents the infiltration of small particles. It does give the keys a very different texture though, but in my opinion makes the keyboard easier to use given the next layer, the Polycarbonate shell.

This is the main layer of protection, a form fitting polycarbonate plastic hard shell. This layer protects the BlackBerry Curve from hard blows and crushing damage. In theory, it is possible to use this by itself as well, but it wouldn’t be very comfortable to use with the knobs to attach the third layer, the skin.

The skin layer fits easily over the plastic shell, providing a great shock absorber for falls as well as providing an excellent grip with the grooves in the back, in addition is covers some of the ports and whatnot with a flap to prevent common damage to hose components. It stays very well and is excellently molded to provide great accessibility; in fact, when I first opened the box I thought it was permanently attached to the case since it fit so well.

The big downside of this case is obviously it’s size, it will increase the size of your BlackBerry Curve substantially. Even so, it doesnt look bad, and manages to stay quite lightweight.

Conclusion: If your’e looking for great protection for your BlackBerry Curve and don’t mind the loss of small size and some aesthetics, this is a great choice.


  • 3 Layers of protection!
    • Thermal formed protective clear membrane. Protects keypad against scratching, as well as dust intrusion.
    • Hi-impact polycarbonate shell for an added guard against drops and shocks.
    • High quality silicone skin to absorb bump and shock.
  • Full access to all keys, ports and functions.
  • Sleek, slim fit to the BlackBerry Curve device.
  • Additional bump, scratch & drop protection. 
  • Works with BlackBerry Curve model.
  • Sound is transmitted through the case.
  • Full use of trackball, camera, and flash.
  • Includes holster style ratcheting belt clip for easy to carry and secure.
  • Acoustic vents on speaker phone, headset speaker, and microphone.


  • Dimensions (case only): 4.68" x 2.82" x .91".
  • Weight (case only): 3.02 oz.
  • Environmental Protection:
    • Drop and Shock.
    • Water Protection.
    • Dust Protection.
  • Manufactured by: OtterBox. 
  • Color : Black.


  • Case NOT protected against water. 
  • Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. 
  • NOT intended for protection against water intrusion.

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