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RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold 9650

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Charging Pod holds your BlackBerry 9630 and conveniently charges it at the same time. With a sleek and stylish design this practical accessory lights up to let you know it's charging. The chrome design skillfully emphasizes the accents on the BlackBerry 9630. This Charging Pod works with any BlackBerry Travel Charger or BlackBerry Vehicle Power Adapter to quickly and effectively charge your BlackBerry 9630. (Note: Does not include power supply. Travel charger (SKU: 81803) and vehicle power adapter (SKU: 81801) sold separately.


Fommy Product Review:

This dock is extremely handy to have around, combining RIMs stylish designs in a lightweight and not too large form factor. Its relatively small profile compared to other Tour 9630 cradles makes it a great choice just to throw into your suitcase or bag so youll have it wherever you need it, be it on your desk or in a meeting. Of course, it charges your Blackberry Tour 9630, but you maintain almost all of your normal functionality; making it great for calls over the speakerphone or just as a stand for watching movies or listening to music.

It also has a very handy LED light that not only indicates to you when it is charging, but it will change colors to notify you when it is done charging. While the only real downside of this nice little cradle is that it does not come with any kind of adapter, so youll have to supply your own micro-USB adapter, like the one that came with your Blackberry Tour 9630.

This is a great looking, lightweight but usable charging solution for your Blackberry Tour 9630.


  • The BlackBerry Charging Pod is the most convenient and attractive way to charge your Blackberry Tour 9630. 
  • Display, sync, and recharge your BlackBerry smartphone quickly and efficiently in the office, home or wherever you go.
  • Now you can recharge your Blackberry Tour 9630 while taking calls, watching movies, or listening to music.
  • This BlackBerry desktop Charging Pod gives you piece of mind while keeping your Blackberry Tour 9630 in style.
  • LED indicator identify whether Blackberry Tour 9630 is charging.
  • In addition to charging, this charging pod serves double duty as a simple cradle for your Blackberry Tour 9630, keeping your BlackBerry good and minimizing used desktop space during syncing or when just sitting there not in use.
  • Combines with any travel or data cable charger to charge and/or sync with a BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Ultimate convenience is complemented by the Charging Pods chrome design, which skillfully emphasizes the accents on your Blackberry Tour 9630.


  • Product Type: Charging Pod.
  • LED indicator.
  • Finishing Type: Chrome.
  • Manufacturer: BlackBerry.
  • Manufacturer Part No: ASY-14396-010.


  • Power supply not included.
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