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RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Lambskin Swivel Holster - Burnt Sienna for BlackBerry 8300

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Protect your BlackBerry smartphone with this exquisitely crafted lambskin leather holster. With a sleek leather exterior and soft velvet interior, this holster also features a proximity sensor that can maximize your device’s battery life. In addition, the 180-degree swivel belt clip is convenient so that you can place it at any angle that’s most comfortable for you. Color: Burnt Sienna.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: RIM has been producing BlackBerry devices for 10 years now, and while many variations have come and gone, all the way from the humble pager to the now common and ever growing smartphone platform, they have always needed protection and RIM frequently is the one who provides it, whether it comes bundled or sold separately. This case is great for either the businessperson who wants a phone case to match their belt and suit or simply for anyone who wants a stylish leather clip-on case.

Durability: The leather belt clip is almost made completely out of plastic, so it may eventually wear out, but I couldnt manage to extend or break it even with some heavy use and bending.

The exterior lining is made out of a soft leather material that looks very nice, but it is not particularly durable. It held up the slices and dents without ripping or tearing, but it does show the damage in indentations along its surface, but they arent visible unless you examine it closely. The interior lining on the other hand is extremely sturdy and rugged and took all the damage I could dish out without even a mark.

The sides of the front and back are held together with a stretchy material and even with significant stretching it easily held up without any damage to it or the connecting case.

Design/Functionality: The design is very simple and functional. It has a belt clip, a magnetic buckle and the case itself.

The belt clip is the deficient quality of the case. Its very rugged feeling, but it only rotates 90 degrees in each direction, meaning you cant rotate it all the way around. It does grip extremely well though, and the clip isnt hard to open when you need it to.

The case is held closed by a magnet, which is hidden inside the case. It holds together quite well, enough were I can hold the case upside down and shake it without the phone falling to its demise. But it is also easy to open so you wont have to struggle to get it out, so its very well balanced for accessibility and protection.

Last, but not least is the case itself. First, it looks very nice and has a great leather texture. But past the fact that it simply holds your phone at your side, it also is made to where it activates the phones internal in holster mode which helps to conserve battery life by managing the power settings appropriately. As well, you should be careful dropping the entire package, the phone itself is held in tightly, but the corners are exposed which could lead to some damage if it were to fall on one. You could supplement this case with a small skin protector to cover that issue up, but it makes removing the phone a tad difficult.

Conclusion: If youre looking for a stylish belt-clip leather case, this is a great choice. It could use a bit of a light touch on the outside though.


  • Incomparable comfort and stylishness for your BlackBerry 8300 Series.
  • Finished in premium lambskin leather.
  • Secure your device from daily wear and tear.
  • It comes with a stylish swivel clip.
  • Lambskin leather exterior and finished with fine stitching.
  • Built-in grooves constructed of hard plastic run along the front and back insides of the case to protect the trackball.
  • Opens wide to securely clasp onto a belt or pocket.
  • Rotates vertically, horizontally and to various degrees in between for maximum comfort.
  • Built-in proximity sensor - automatically shuts off the screen in order to help maximize battery life.
  • Allows you to choose different notification settings for incoming calls, emails and other functions based on whether your device is in or out.
  • Magnetic closure provides extra care while keeping your device in secure.
  • Original manufactured product from BlackBerry.


  • Material: Lambskin Leather.
  • Manufactured by: BlackBerry.
  • Manufacturer Part No: HDW-13386-003.
  • Color: Burnt Sienna.

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