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RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Micro USB 12V Vehicle Power Adapter

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Compact, lightweight RIM BlackBerry (OEM) 12V charger uses the cigarette lighter outlet and lets you fully charge your handheld while in the car.



Fommy Product Review:

This compact lightweight RIM BlackBerry (OEM) 12V charger uses your cars standard cigarette port to keep your phone charged when you're on the go. This charger uses the now standard MircoUSB which is becoming increasingly common on a wide variety of devices, and not just phones anymore either, all manner of portable electronics can be used with this handy unit.

The gun shaped design of this car charger makes it an easy fit in even the most cramped of automobiles and makes gripping and removing the charger a snap. The wound, taught cord is also extremely handy as it stays compact most of the time, but stretches easily when you need to place a call or move it around. Additionally, just so you know everything is working correctly, it also has a smell green light on it that illuminates when it is receiving power, handy in older vehicles with questionable power output.

This is a must have accessory, designed by RIM, but usable with a wide range of devices. If you have a car and a phone, or even if you just ride in a car a lot, you definitely need one of these handy chargers.