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RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Skin - Olive Green for BlackBerry 8100

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Personalize and protect your BlackBerry 8100 Smartphone with BlackBerry Skins. The rubberized shell guards against wear and tear - and you can choose from a variety of colors to give your Smartphone your own unique touch.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: RIM has been producing BlackBerry devices for 10 years now, and while many variations have come and gone, all the way from the humble pager to the now common and ever growing smartphone platform, they have always needed protection and RIM frequently is the one who provides it, whether it comes bundled or sold separately. While the popularity of leather cases has weaned a bit since the BlackBerrys conception, Skin cases are still booming and provide excellent protection without much bulk or cost.

Durability: The silicone of this skin case quite thin and lightweight, but this has one small drawback: its fairly stretchy. Its quite elastic and easy to stretch and could lead to tearing if pulled on hard enough, but you would have to stretch it over half its size again before it begins to suffer significant straining. Even so, it snaps back very nicely to its original shape even after significant stretches. And in addition the flexibility helps dissipate damage to the skin, preventing scrapes and cuts that may render if unsightly and eventually unusable. It showed no sign of damage after scratching it with my fingernails, rubbing keys across it, and even after running a pair of sharp scissors lightly across the surface.

Design/Functionality: This silicone skin is actually rather slippery, but it has an odd helper, the logo. Typically logos are just for show, but the carved in logo actually helps to give a better grip on the case/phone as well as giving it a very official look.

Its extremely well molded to the BlackBerrys design, especially around the face of the device. But the design could use a bit more work. Even though the silicone case is very thin, it still makes it so you have to push on the buttons from directly above them; which can make it difficult if youre used to rubbing your finger down the side. But unlike many silicone cases for the BlackBerry, the bottom of the keyboard is still easily accessible and not any more difficult than usual.

Of course, being a case it is designed for protection as well. In addition to being quite durable by itself, the case is a very nice shock absorber. The flexible design helps to dissipate damage across the surface of the material, preventing harmful cracks to your device. The whole face of the device is pretty exposed though, so a screen protector would be a good idea if you plan on throwing it in your pocket.

Conclusion: If youre looking for an official BlackBerry case that is almost perfectly molded for your phone, this is a great choice. Usability for some of the side buttons could be improved though.


  • Personalize and protect your BlackBerry with this genuine BlackBerry skin case!
  • Customized designed skin for your BlackBerry 8100 Series.
  • The rubberized exterior provides you with a sure grip.
  • 100% Genuine and original skin from RIM BlackBerry.
  • Protecting all corners and sides of your BlackBerry against bumps and scratches.
  • keyboard and screen remain uncovered, so you can type and place calls as efficiently as ever.
  • Helps prevent your BlackBerry from sliding across your car dashboard or other slick or angled surfaces.
  • BlackBerry skin features easy-access openings for all ports, programmable convenience keys and stereo jack.
  • Plus, the keyboard and screen remain uncovered so you can type and place calls as efficiently as ever.


  • Material: Silicone Skin.
  • Manufactured by: BlackBerry.
  • Manufacture Part No:  HDW13021009.
  • Color: Olive Green.

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