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Samsung® (OEM) 20 Pin Multi Adapter for Samsung A177

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The factory original Samsung Adapter can be used with your Samsung Omnia. The OEM Samsung adapter allows you to connect up to three different cables. Connect your phone to any standard 2.5 mm headset and conduct hands free conversations or listen to music. Plug in your charger or data cable for a convenient sync /recharge. Or plug in your standard Samsung headset. This is OEM original quality you can trust.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: This Samsung multi-use adapter is great for anyone who needs to multitask or anyone who just wants a headset adapter.

Design/Functionality: The design is simple, and it works. It plugs into your phone, has a short cable that ends in a rectangle with two additional twenty pin connectors and best of all, a 2.5 mm headset jack. So with this, you could listen to music while charging from an outlet and while hooked up to your computer, giving you a lot of versatility. The unit is very light but its a bit larger than I would like, and while I originally didnt like the cable, after a few minutes of use I realized its there to keep the device from being in the way during normal phone usage.


- Triples the connectivity of your Samsung phone.
- Gives you a 2.5 mm headset jack.


- Could be a bit smaller.

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