Swarovski Crystal Phone Charm - Pack of 5
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Swarovski Crystal Phone Charm - Pack of 5

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Personalize and accessorize your phone with this adorable phone charm. This stylish phone charm features authentic Swarovski crystals Charm and is suitable for any device with a charm loop. Simply loop through your phone's handstrap port and pull gently to secure. So go ahead, have fun and dress up your cell phone!

Ideal for hiking, biking, jogging, cycling or running errands. Also looks so Vintage wrist lanyard adds Chinese style and holds your cellphone securely. And even an wonderful gift for your female friends, and they will like it. As this is brand new and high quality.




  • Give your mobile some extra blink with this Swarovski Crystal Phone Charm!
  • Often this wrist strap is a security requirement in public places.
  • Phone Charm strap fits your device with a hole in the casing through which the thin strap may loop through.
  • Allows you to carry your mobile device conveniently.
  • Charm uses finest original Swarovski crystals.
  • Great accessory for your phone.
  • Unique Stylish Design.
  • Designed to protect your headphone jack from dust. Provides the final seal to the well enclosed cellphone design
  • High quality phone charm plug comes in Monnel velvet bag.
  • These amazing phone charms help protect your phone from dropping and breaking, keeping it strapped to you.
  • Prevents misplaced or stolen phones in crowded and hectic environments, like school, mall, or mass transit.

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