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The Rivet™ Loop Clip

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Are you tired of flimsy plastic clips that don't hold your phone or other devices securely? Then the stainless steel Rivet Loop Clip™ is the carrying solution for you! One of the world's smallest and strongest clips, the Rivet Loop Clip attaches easily and securely to your belt loop, backpack, briefcase or bag. Simply hook the clip around a loop or strap on your clothing or bag, and snap the clip into place. Its one-touch release button lets you detach your device quickly with one hand and while you continue to do business with the other.


Fommy Product Review:

This metal belt clip set has some great features and a very polished look. The set is made almost entirely out of stainless steel and is flexible for a wide range of devices. Included in the kit is a belt hook, the e-clip, an attachable adhesive knob and a lanyard.

To use it, first you attach either the lanyard to the phone if it has a slot for it or you simply use the knob with the adhesive strip placed in a convenient place on your phone. Then you simply put the hook around your belt loop or anywhere else with a loop and attach the clip to it, then you slide in the knob or the knob at the end of the lanyard and your good to go. Additionally, if you want to use the lanyard, but don't want your phone on a long cable, you can replace it with a small included ring as well, giving you a lot of flexibility.

I did find attaching the clip to the belt hook a bit hard, especially while moving; but once it's attached, there is no need to remove the clip until you need to change clothes. Instead of removing the whole clip like most belt clips, you simply push the release and slide the knob and the device out together, sliding them back into the one-way top when done. It's very convenient, but it does have one big problem; when releasing the device, it slides downwards, so if you don't grab the phone in time it could meet a concrete end.

Both way, this is a great package and it is extremely flexible and will accommodate almost any cellular phone sized device.


  • Sleek, streamlined and stylish design!
  • Holds device securely in place.
  • The Rivet system is a swivel clip system.
  • Complete Stainless steel construction guarantees durability.
  • Device hangs close to your body and comfort while sitting or driving.
  • Quality material, shiny, brushed stainless steel, functional and stunning.
  • Locks securely around belt loop or strap on clothing or bag.
  • The light weight and low profile make for a terrific product.
  • Quick release mechanism for the case facilitates ease of use.
  • Holds mobile phones, PDA, Smart Phones, Camera and MP3 player.

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