Apple Launch Event - September 2021

Apple Launch Event 2021 is the most eyed event of all time as people were very eagerly waiting to have a look at apple new gadgets. This Launch was very special as Apple came up with iPhone13. Before the Launch there were many rumour's and leaks that circulated all over the web. At last today Apple answered all those with this event by launching the Much awaiting Apple iPhone 13. There were a lot of things in this Apple iPhone 13 which we’ll be discussing further in this Article. So Let’s have a look into the Launch details. In this September launch 2021 Apple has announced iPhone 13, New Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini and Apple Watch Series 7. Let’s get into the details by starting up with iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Models

iPhone 13 Here is the most awaited gadget of the year . let’s not wait and quickly get into the features and specifications on iPhone 13. iPhone 13 is coming in 4 models namely iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro max and iPhone 13mini, Well if we talk about the specification of iPhone 13. This mobile is coming up with an advanced dual camera system which was never before from apple and when we look at the design it was just outstanding and the durability was just wow. This iPhone 13 is coming with A15 Chip Bionic Chip. It does 15 billion Operations. This Time Apple made many upgrades to the new iPhone 13. The best and Top notch specification is the battery life. This iPhone 13 has a vast battery life than other iPhones which were released earlier. This iPhone 13 works 50% faster than a computer and it’s Neutral engine does 15.8 billion operations per second.

There are a lot of upgrades in this iphone13, it was coming up with a new display engine , new video encoder and video decoder. When we talk about display, iphone13 comes with XDR Display which gives a great viewing experience when we watch any movies. iPhone 13 Camera was a Must appreciated feature that gives cinematic experience while shooting. This time Apple came up with Ultra wide lens and wide lens and also built up sensors for image stabilization. iPhone13 has a cinematic mode. Whenever we shoot using cinematic mode we’ll get Dolby Vision HDR Output. iPhone 13 Starts with internal storage of 128GB whereas iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 has internal Storage Starting from 32GB to 512 GB and this iPhone13 Supports AR and it has more privacy Protection. The Bionic chip gives an excellent gaming experience. iPhone13 supports 5G as the world is upgrading and most of the people were binging towards 5G so that this was good news for apple users. This time Apple Launched many different colours for iPhone 13 and best accessories for iPhone13. As if Now Two Models of iPhone 13 were available for order namely iPhone from $799 and iPhone13 mini from $699.

New iPhone 13 Exclusive Exposes Likely Apple Price Increases

When we Talk about Difference between the iPhone 13 and iphone13 Pro. The iPhone 13 Comes with 6.7inch display whereas iPhone13 comes with 6.1 inch display. The More About Comparison will Discuss Later.

New Apple iPad and Apple iPad Mini

In Today’s launch Apple has announced two iPad’s namely iPad and iPad Mini. Now let’s quickly take a look into it . This new iPad Supports 5g and it works 40% faster than CPU and 80% Faster than GPU. This New iPad Works on iPad OS and comes with Type C Charger, This iPad has a long battery life and when we talk about camera this New iPad Comes with 12 MP back camera with 8.3 inch Retina Display. The iPad mini starts with $499 and Apple iPad starts with $329 

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 has bigger display and a more durable body - news

The Popularity of Series 6 Watch is still in the sky and now Apple has come up with another high demand gadget named Apple Watch Series 7. There were a lot of things to be noted regarding this Series 7 Watch. Let’s quickly have a glance at the Apple Watch Series 7. This watch comes with Brighter indoors and different watch faces and this Apple watch series 7 works on Watch OS8. This watch comes with vast battery life which we can use for 24 hrs. And this apple watch series 7 comes with 5 different colours, and it supports fast charging and is fully optimized and works faster and measures the heat rate and other activities very quickly when compared with other Apple watches. This Apple watch series 7 will be available later this Year


So yeah !!! These are the gadgets that Apple has announced in this September 2021 event. So Pre Order was available. Grab your cards and get your gadget Home


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