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AMZER designed and introduced their Rugged Silicone and other protective cases more than a decade ago soon after the release of Apple first generation iPad. Since then we have come a long way protecting assets and saving thousands of dollars to educational institutions. AMZER products are now found in more than 50 schools across the country protecting and cushioning Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Microsoft Surface, MacBooks, laptop and Chromebooks.

We believe effective teaching could happen only with the right tools for devices. Amzer is here to find the ideal solution for your school and build a sustainable protection to keep their students' devices in use. Browse our catalogue or discuss your requirement with one of our specialized sales team member.

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School districts and educators always qualify for our best volume pricing. Not to mention free samples. Find cases with a perfect fit for your school's Chromebooks, iPads or other devices.



AMZER Shockproof Rugged Silicone Skin Jelly Case

  • Most popular rugged protection trusted by schools and parents across the country and globe.
  • Patented design. Dual layer of premium silicone protects the corner and back of tablet.
  • Protective yet lightweight case feature shock and drop resistance. Survives the rigours of the classroom, work, and everyday use.
  • Textured silicone improve grip minimizes sliding on flat surfaces.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to all the functionalities without removing the case.
  • Compatible with charging cabinets.
  • Available in multiple colors to differentiate among students and teachers tablets or to match with the theme and color of your school.

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AMZER Portfolio of Protective Case

  • Wide array of protective cases from Slim back cover to Smart Flip Folio Case and Multi Layer rugged cases.
  • Tuffen Case: Military Grade protection. 3 Layers with integrated screen protection. Media stand, Hand and Shoulder Strap for convenience of using the tablet even on the go offer heavy duty full body tablet protection.
  • Flip Folio Case: Slim yet protective cover. Multi angle holder to support typing or drawing at comfortable angle.
  • Sleeves: Multiple color, pattern and sizes to accommodate the iPad, Tablet and other mobility devices. Made from premium material with space for additional accessories.
  • Screen Protection: ShatterProof, Paper Like Screen, Tempered Glass and more.

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Chromebook, MacBook, Laptop & Tablet Bags

  • Modern and seamless wrap to impact foam padding for high protection.
  • Convenient with high standard carry of handle with easy case to go for productive source of accessories.
  • Front storage cables, adapters and premium accessibility of other stability of carrying handle with go to changing source.
  • Flexible with high quality Chromebook case, Chromebook sleeve, acer Chromebook R11 case, Chromebook cover sleeve, cover sleeve.
  • Easily crafted with typical scenarios of lowering with repair and replacements zone.

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Easy On/Off Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter for MacBook

  • Prevent Shoulder surfing and visual hacking.
  • Hide your private information visible while being in Public places.
  • Magnetic adsorption, easy to install and remove.
  • Anti-glare, anti-reflective, protects your eyes.
  • Made of PET material, with good flexibility, it would not affect the usage of MacBook at all after pasting the film.
  • Ultrawear-resistant material coating.

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