Apple iPhone 13: Specifications, Prices and Complete Leaks

To all the Apple lovers here is something interesting aspect loading for you, which is iPhone 13. We have line up all the rumors we've heard about and have from the Apple's upcoming 2021 iPhone series launch so far.

Complete Rumored 2021 iPhone series Line Up:

The 2021 is the big year for all the iPhone lovers. As you can see that iPhone 13 and all its models are still several months away from launching and we all expecting a big bang from Apple this time? As we can see that new devices since before 2020 are iPhone12 series which are even debuted already long back.

With 2021 iPhone has bang on lineup with some common line ups which are launched in 2020 which you can see that iPhone has come up with 4 new unique devices earlier which are 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.7 inches and other two are premier "Pro" models which are positioned and maintained the low cost and more affordable ones!

There are lot of rumors on 2021 which are more appropriate and lending you that they would feature a port less design which entirely relies on wireless charging but Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo says its not that appropriate and will not happen more often.

As we can find it is future is full on MagSafe and gives you the transition of USB - C with no port less design and more in accessory launches for iPhone.

New add-on which is rumored more is, in-display fingerprint sensor to iPhone 13 models which would be used an authentication Face ID which is used an alternative to biometric method and gives you the bunch of options more in it. But, these are not clear as of the thing.

While it comes with improved camera as we all know how the camera will be upgraded from one fame to other with much awaited series of action. That is the thing you can see that larger sensor in iPhone 12 Pro Max to extend on next series along with Sensor shift stabilization and auto focus with all across line ups.

But, what are the best reasons to Buy this new iPhone 13 series,

  • Perfect Selfie shooter with retina flash
  • Cool rear camera feature
  • Most efficient powerful processor and co-processor for smooth output
  • Premier standard RAM
  • Dust proof
  • Water resistant
  • Worried things,
  • No Fingerprint sensor
  • Non expandable memory

Here is some up Cool features by Apple on iPhone 13

Display and Camera

Apple has stepped up ahead in display. As per rumors the Apple iPhone 13 display is 120Hz Pro-Motion Display and apple also Adapting to the new technology from this Apple iPhone 13 and the Display will be OLED Screen with LTPO Technology. According to the LTPO Technology this iPhone 13 offers very low power consumption and highlights the Individual pixels on Screen.

Previously Apple brought many new things to the ios users in case of look, technology and upgradations. Now again with this iPhone 13 Apple is looking to make something that was ever came from Apple Devices as if now and the special feature according to rumors is iPhone 13 display will be Always On like as apple watches and the notification will be seen on screen and the Display brightness will be adjusted depending upon the battery capacity with 120hz Refresh rate which was very highest ever till now From Apple.

Recently in iPhone 12 Series Apple had come up with a Brilliant performance Chip which is A14. According to the user experience they were pretty happy and even the high graphic games and the apps that possess high operation were also easily run by A14. At the Time of Apple launch the CEO said that the Chip Called A14 works 200% more than our CPU's and the reason behind the invention is to make their user's to experience the best in industry and make their work easy while accessing their Apple Devices.

According to the inside talk this time Apple was using A15 Chip in iPhone 13. According to the designers and engineers this will steal all the ranks in best performance and going to be a never before in the Market.

This iPhone 13 will be a 5G Supported mobile which is a regular update because the last 12 series were also 5g Supported devices. And There is an Another Rumor that Apple was planning to use X65 and X70 Qualcomm Modern Chips and this iPhone will come with a large battery life which was going to be an another selling point of apple iPhone 13.

Earlier Apple has upgraded their internal Storage from 32GB to 512 GB. The last series started at 64GB and we have mobiles till 512GB. But now the scenario is different before getting into details will ask you a question that is Have you ever heard the Name Hard Disk? Confused right!! Well let me explain Apple was bringing us this iPhone 13 with the internal storage up to 1TB. So that's the Reason I called it as a Hard Disk.

This iPhone doesn't have a Sim Slot the engineers looking to integrate the sim sloth within the hardware in order to make the iPhone much slimmer.

Many upgrades were planned with this iPhone 13. Even in case of Camera Specifications also Apple was looking to bring out the great Upgradation in Camera. Usually Apple launches its products in September. But this time it may be get some what delay to the Covid But most probably the Mobile will be Out in 2021 and According to some sources the iPhone 13 will be available In market from 2022 and all the Apple devices that gets released In 2022 will have the Upgradation's of iPhone 13.

And As if now these are the Rumors that were revolving around the iPhone 13 Features and Specification's. We'll check out more on this iPhone 13 at the time of Release.

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