Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Faster, Health Focused Smartwatch

September is the month that every iOS user waited for. Sounds interesting right!! So what happened in September and what made them to wait for October? In order to know all these let’s move on to our next paragraph.

In the month of September, the apple came up with the Apple Launch and they also launched many new products with new and high end technology. Ok before all these let’s talk about something different. Now tell me how many of you are joggers and how love to hit gym every day? The reason why I asked these question will be explained below. 

If we are a jogger, we need to monitor our steps and the calories we burnt and time we spent and also the distance we covered in order to monitor all these we need a Perfect partner with us. Confused Right??? Chill Let me explain We need a perfect Smart Watch to monitor our every moment while jogging or in Gym Every Moment. So by now I hope you got clarity of about what I am talking about is.

Yes!!! Your intention is right I’m going to share you the Information about the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 Which Got launched on Apple Event in the month of September. So, many of you were aware of the apple watch and you also have a query that why should we know about this series 6 apple watch. If you have such queries, then you are definitely in a wrong plane. This Apple watch series 6 is not alike the regular apple watches it was built with something new. You will get to know that in detail in the following. This Apple Watch Series has some uniqueness and also have many better features when compared with other apple watches.

This was an Excellent Wearable gadget for all age groups. It will help us guide us and also make us do works in time. Now let’s get into Details Regarding this Apple WATCH Series 6.

Firstly, let’s have a look at its Specifications and Features.

  • Apple watch series 6 comes with 1GB ram and works on Watch OS7.0 And it weighs about 47.1gm.
  • And when we talk about screen resolution. Apple usually provides great resolution for Apple watches and this Series 6 has a Resolution of 488x368 px
  • The battery capacity of this Apple watch series 6 is gave a great relief to users. This time apple brought a great battery for this series 6 of capacity 304mAh which is more than the series 5 apple watches.
  • Apple watch series 6 has a storage capacity of 32Gb and we cannot find any other sloth for External card.
  • The hardware of this Apple watch series 6 is Supper fine where the Front glass is made of Sapphire crystal and while the back is made of ceramic crystal and Layers was covered with stainless steel frame.
  • And This Watch Display type is Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits Which gives a Great display and it was always on display.
  • It has a chipset of APPLE S6 and Dual core CPU and Power VR GPU.
  • This Apple watch series 6 doesn’t possess any camera.
  • It comes with loudspeakers and we won’t find any 3.5mm jack in the watch we need to use air pods in order to enjoy some music.
  • It has GPS, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity and It comes with wireless charging.
  • It comes in Three Colors Namely Silver, Graphite and Gold.
  • Price starts from $399.

This was all about the specifications and Features in APPLE Watch series 6. And While we talk about experience it was out of the box. The performance was too good and it will be very useful for heart patients to monitor them hear beat every second. I have a Live Example of how this apple watch saved my Friends Grandfather life. As soon as it launched my friend brought it and gifted to his grand pa as a gift. His grandfather is a heart patient whom heart rate need to be monitored every time. One day his heart pulse was went on decreased then this apple watch series 6 gave an beep sound and also notification to the mobile and my friend immediately responded and saved his grandfather. See how wonderful it is Purchase This Watch it has all the things we needed it also help the gym freakier to calculated and monitor their every task individually.

So, such an adorable and pleasing Apple Watch which comes with its latest Series 6 which can be more pleasing with its best accessories. This can be more and more appealing and makes you more comfortable while using.

Here, we will share you the best accessories which can make you that pleasing state on with it.

Firstly, we all know how useful the Apple Watch Series6 is and it is worth having a best coverage case for Apple Watch series 6 which comes with a great quantity and high flexible usage and makes you fill all your needs all at once.

Or if you’re a person who needs a complete protection with protector for Apple Watch Series 6 which comes with a premium quality can make you give it to your naughty kids who can use it recursively. This comes with different modes which will be more efficient for you and your kid.

And so if you’re looking for the best certified Apple MFi cable which comes with a Lightning to USB cable which can give you most desirable experience all the while for you.

And if you want an relief from all your messy cables look at your house for the best Apple Watch pick this Wireless charger holder which comes with an high premier quality and Fast charging for your Airpods which come with an smart handling. 

So, if you’re looking for all any information which can help you out of all your struggles then let us know in comment section we will assist you the best things out.

And more over, this is the most trending thing comes over in technology where most people are looking forward. So, just take a moment and share with all your buddies who are interested in technology and also who are looking for the best info and buy it.

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