Best AirPods Pro Cases and Accessories for 2021

The successor of Apple AirPod, AirPods Pro is one of the must have accessory for your iPhone but it's often complimented by some amazing accessories like AirPods Pro Cases, Wireless Charging Station etc and why not when it's one of the most popular Bluetooth headphone around.   

Firstly, Congo for your new AirPods users or the users who are looking to embrace the Air Pod!! Your job is not done only just by choosing AirPods, it is more than choosing meant to be caring and utilizing it in a proper way.

The World is full of updating and more over features which will never ending in this world. But, to make that happen the trick you need mention and make it further extended you need to find the style, substance and also the convenient method of using it.

But, it might be a strange thing to have a note of buying accessories for something which is already an accessory. Moreover, you're just embracing it special guidance and bang to charge for freedom to use it anytime.

So, to make that happen we need some protective accessories for AirPods cases which are minimalistic, yet more vibrant on the path. Don't you agree with this!! So, that's the reason we are here to handcraft you the protective cases with slim, beautifully designed accessories for Air Pod are premium quality Airpods Pro Cases.

We all have a query what else an Air Pod will have as an accessory? No, that's not correct! We have a bunch of options and lot of attributed features one can explore with air pod accessory!!

So, to find and explore them make sure you let read the article till the end!

Without any further delay let's get started!!

Cool 5 Best Air Pod Accessories To Level Up Your Grace of Using:

  1. 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Holder:

Are you looking for a multipurpose utilization? Then, this would be your go to option. As we all can see this comes with 3 purpose utilizations and hidden line up design which provides you tidy and multi utility charge on with overheating protection.

Main importantly, this comes with safer and huge compatibility from the device which can be end of tedious wires. Once you can feel the watching in multi volitional path of using and also you can find more path to transverse the vertical according to your need.

As per the note, you can find it automatic power supply resistance with filling and fitting to the damage of cell phone and ABS environmental actions.

  1. Anti-lost Silicone Strap:

Most of us have a problem with loosing the Airpods. Even I have a hectic day whenever I lose my air pod and unable to find it at the needed time.

Cool, no issues!! Now, we are never allowed to have that now. Thinking? Ok, I will break the chain! We brought you the anti lost strap which can connect both Airpods and give you a comfortable use of magnetic stone with an prevention of losing it.

Very light in weight and comfy in storage, these have the stability to fasten the usage and also give you the earphone feeling in all your daily activities.

Moreover, this comes with silicone material which is never undertaken your health. Non toxic and fresh feel on air with it!

  1. AMZER Leather Protective Case Anti-lost Storage Bag with Stainless Steel Carabiner:

The Most useful and trendy one is here for you! As this comes with a storage bag also gives your Air Pod more stylish sleek look which is more on protective and never leave you out of fashion.

As these Airpods comes with portable look out, we have an easy way out to carry. And this comes with a genuine leather folios and gives you durable and more practical within. This Leather Bag Comes with high on fashionable bag for Airpods which is a streak of protection.

So, never miss the exquisite design which will enable the right path of moving with dust, water and also crashing on path.

  1. Premium Silicone Skin Jelly Cases:

To find protection for your air pod, we have up with a silicone skin jelly case which comes with premium quality of using and great to launch the usage with it.

As this comes with a durable case comes with charging and easy way out for bumps and dropping. Also this gives you precise lightning cable cut-out which is textured with silicone sides of lasting and giving the grip to handle it.

Moreover, this comes with a lanyard keeps you included as a second skin for your Air pod. As of like, this also comes with dual protection and more accessibility to draw over the path. Never miss such chargeable, lighting cable seamless to have a perfect fit for the case to use.

  1. Carbon Fibre Texture Case with Hook:

The Finest and coolest stubborn to have in the cloud is this protective case which comes as a light weight. As of the thing, this TPU protective case comes light in weight and gives you more durable energy within and allows too shock proof ability of things.

And this also gives you more on enlisting things which is more accessible with the use of it. Ever through the thing it is accessible and gives you easy to use and covered within the grace of utilizing and made an action.

Moreover, this comes with a carabineer clip of using it and accessibility to maintain and add things with it.

We have compile few hot AirPods Pro Tips and Common Questions:

How to Answer Phone with Air Pod Pro?

As simple it is, we are here with a path of enhancing method for you.

You can answer by tapping twice on the Airpods.  To make this setup, we can simply tap go to Setting with it!

After Setting >> Tap on Siri and Verify

Then, Access When Locked is activated!! To End the call, again simply tap on Airpods twice. Done!

How much do Air Pod Pro Cost?

The Individual Air pod pro costs a price of $89 each! While the Pro Aus comes with a price of $329

Is Air Pod Pro Charging Case Replaced?

Most of us have this query isn't it? You might have a lot of reasons for either it is damaged accidentally or it may be damaged within. But, not an issue we can fix this at a price.

Moreover, the issue is how and where we can fix it?

Simple, you can directly reach out Apple Website itself with an empty Air pod case replacement it charges around $79 and done. Furthermore, this comes with a replacement even with the lightning connector variety when you purchased it over, Amazon or other online retailers.

Is Air Pod Pro Waterproof?

Not completely, they are water resistant and sweat resistant. But, these air pod pro is not completely waterproof or sweat proof. So, whenever you have heavy sweating, water splashes after workout make sure you clean and put back in Airpods Pro wireless charging case. These should be wiping down every time after use with soft lint free cloth.

Hope you learned many things about AirPods and learned how to explore and take a note of safety for Airpods. Share this to all your friends who have already using this and let them know what they are missing out.

See you guys again, in much more interesting and fascinating news going ahead. Until then you know what to do keep exploring World's largest accessories hub FOMMY!

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