Best Android Phones to buy in 2020: Latest Models with Price, Specifications and more!!

Whether you’re looking for big screen or small display, entry level or top notch phone? Your only singular best resource for the top rated a smart phone who gives you the genuine review with live experiments and research over the phones.

Do you know the best thing about android market is diversity of features, prices and even the upgraded software’s? Do you expect such compatibility on different iOS or Linux models? No, we can’t find such a versatile things in android now days. Even more, we all have a ton of android phones out there releasing every day and giving us much more bunch of features all at once.

But, what’s the best android phone in 2020 so far?

Moreover, every android operating system accounts for the vast majority in today’s digital market which is moreover creating an open eco-system devices all over. Aspirating factor is, it is coming with 6GB-10GB of RAM which is an equivalent of RAM available on normal laptops.

A massive camera with much awaiting resolutions and performance.  These can give you a DSLR mode of photos in your phone itself. So, how can we decide what is the best one? With so many options to go through, we have curate the list of some best android phones to buy in 2020 which comes with a mix of performance, features and much more additional lovable features. So, what are you waiting for? Read till the end of the article, you can find the best android phones which everyone can buy there itself with seeing detailed reviews and much more information.

1. Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a, a most awaited for most of the Google pixel lovers and it’s been a high searched mobile in 2020 you know? Such a pleasing phone which came up with great hardware, software upgrades from previous versions and bunch of features at a low price.

It is a best phone in recent versions from Google which has been released all these years. The Pixel 4a comes with 5.81 inch display and gives you Qualcomm snapdragon 730G processor and 6GB and 128GB of RAM onboard storage. And to add much more life for your device just pick these best cases for Pixel 4a which can add more healthy life for your android mobile.

To discuss we’ll have a lot of things be taken into consideration. So, check out the things,


  • Wide display
  • Great RAM and storage
  • Marvellous camera
  • OS updates
  • Price is reasonable


  • No wireless charging
  • Processor is bit slow

2. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

When you’re talking about beast in android modes, then Samsung galaxy would be the beast mode and gives you the fascinating features and gives you an overall great mix of all the things in one device itself.

We’ll experience the next level mode of Galaxy series in this note 20 ultra. It came up with wonderful features which all the users are looking out for. It has the modest display, higher resolution and stunning camera sensor.

You can gear up all your expectations with this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is which comes with larger display, high resolution and more RAM with expandable storage. Along with we have an Ultra node for protecting phone is we can add high protective cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which adds more worth and lifetime to your device.

Featuring with Snapdragon 865 Plus which adds with 12GB of RAM and also adds 6.9 inch AMOLED which comes with infinity O-punch hole with most expandable options.

Fetching the things and wrap up at place, here are some things for you!


  • Supports S Pen
  • Feature Packed
  • Ultimate performance


  • Little expensive
  • Less software updates

This gem of android phones itself is a beautiful device that can further customize with these Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Cases

3. OnePlus 8

A fast selling and king of android phones is One Plus it is which giving more and more competition to the iOS screaming’s with such an drafting features what users are looking for with in android industry.

And even you can feel the best flagship killers in the market but one plus can be more competitive to all the things. The One plus 8 Pro comes with Snapdragon 865 processor which can give you high performance all the times which even adds more things at once.

You can just take away this feed without any objections because of its impeccable rewards of features it is offering for the users without no user can say no for these a while ahead.

As we told, the camera is much capable to give you the DSLR camera kind of modes with photography and also gives you great battery life and waterproof features. To add much more value and worth to your device pick these best cases for oneplus 8 pro which can give you better life and performance with an easy usage.

So, what are you think else...We’ll give you the quick sneaks why this is the most fascinating phone all over with everyone choice.


  • Stunning camera
  • Flagship features
  • Excellent performance
  • Great software and hardware updates


  • Little expensive

4. Moto G Power

If you’re looking for any kind of aesthetic mobile which can make you feel stunning your hands. Then, this Moto G Power is the best option for you with top notch features and specifications which can give you a next level experience.

This comes with upgraded version of Moto G7 Power which has high resolution and gives you the bezel bottom feel with larger body and display. An ultra wide camera options give you bright day light modes which is very often you can find in android devices.

So, to back this fetching android phone you can add this with best tempered glasses for Motorola G power which can give you more value for your beast.


  • Solid performance
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Good audio and great video quality


  • Mediocre camera performance
  • Less Durability

5. Nokia 5.3

If you’re looking for the best phone with highest camera performance and fetching features with latest android version. Then, this nokia 5.3 comes into note for you.

To give in a small note, Nokia 5.3 comes with a highest happening phone in the smart phone market with more number of trusted users which you can give you the great performance in the mid range of pricing which comes with Qualcomm snapdragon 665.

The most added one is, it comes with fast gaming and stunning CPU and GPU performance with highest refresh rate which will avoid all the buffering and slow down of your phone while you’re using and playing continuously. 

Start away points to take away with you,


  • Matte finish display
  • Stunning camera performance
  • Long lasting battery life
  • High refresh rate


  • Sluggish performance
  • Poor low light camera

This is the top notch performing with much more great attributed Best android phones one can take an node for buying this 2020. Along with these you can even add some high quality accessories which can add more worthy and value to your phone and gives you more lasting and honorable comfy routine while using.

Either you’re a gamer or a camera lover or a high storage lover? Whatever you might be this list will help all kinds of users to pick the best kind brands for you to enjoy the smart android phones which are now hot selling in the market.

So, what are you waiting for grab your cards and make an order for the best android mobile with premier accessories for these mobiles and make your satisfied and comfortable with these curated lists of smart android phones.

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