Best Wireless Car Chargers and Mounts in 2020

Yep, here it is many of us need a simple and convenient life all the time.
Don't we all think right? Of course YES!!

We all think of convenient methods then why not in our phones for its fast usage and life. Then it comes wireless charging for our smart phones which added as a built in for our laziness.

Earlier we have been juice up our phone with having huge plugs, cables all around and have to wait for hours to maintain a best battery backup for our phones. At a point people has been hectic with all these and rivalled out of frustration. On that moment, this great innovation has come up with a bang of solution for all our problems with wireless charging.

This actually first seen in year 2012 for smart phones and in last couple of years it became really popular.  While it may or may not been taken completely offset with the way some expected it to have- But, still some of the smart phones have restricted with the flagship of smart phones and in some terms it might not even available too!

But, the point here is not to argue but also give a convenience method. Not just simply keeping on the stands for fast wireless charging. The thing here is, how the Wireless Car Chargers  is that and it's nascent stage where it tells whether it is a slow or fast. A lot of things to be taken into considered which can give a better charger with better functionalities. What's more important is the experience we get and pick a better one for the smart phone which is of course an important thing.

Fommy is here only to give a better one which comes to your step after competing multiple testing from our side and gives a high end performance. And mostly not more wireless chargers come with bundled more power adapters, we have picked best one for every source to see the kind of power which impacts for giving you a phenomenal thing.

Here's everything that we brought up with complete best ones after bunch of testing processes. A little bit of effort from our side to give only best for the user and came up with smart Wireless Car Chargers with complete buying guide, which you won't refuse to have up with.

Our Best Picks of Fastest Wireless Chargers which meets all your daily needs much faster.

Wireless Chargers for Cars:

What to do when we have a hectic day at office and forgot to put charge for our phone? How to handle client call instantly while travelling without backup charge in phones? What to do? Here, it Just Pick a Best Wireless charging car mounts which we can comfortable drive and answer all the answers for the client and grab the project without any tense. With these we can not only save time and but also have flexible usage all the time. So, I have picked some of the best fast wireless chargers which can give you more impact on your daily life's too!

Air Vent Bracket Phone Wireless Charging Mount:

Air Vent Bracket Phone Wireless Charging Mount | Fommy

Adjustable Air Vent Bracket Phone Holder Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

This comes with a perfect fit of every mobile and meets all your instantly with high end features. It comes with silica gel and protects your phone from instant jerks and frictions while driving. This also protects smart phone from falling and getting scratches on your beast.

Bracket Wireless Charging mount comes up with safe auto 360 rotate features which helps you meet the best viewing angle while driving and navigating. It came up with a base design which holds your phone tightly and enables to charge faster. It is available in black and white colour modes where you can pick based on your view.

  • Size: 76*82*19.5mm
  • Input Power: 1.5A/5V
  • Output Power: 1A/5V

Windshield Suction Mount with QC 2.0 Fast Charging:

Windshield Suction Mount with QC 2.0 Fast Charging | Fommy

AMZER 10W Wireless Car Charger Dashboard Windshield Suction Mount with QC 2.0 Fast Charging

A Qi enabled device gives a best performance and sustainability like never before. It comes with more flexibility and usage for every user. This mount charger especially comes with large neck shield and safety of using and adjustable arm handle. It uniformly conforms the fast handling of phone and gives an enough of charging without any single cables.

Alongside, it comes with the strong suction mount which you can reuse them on the normal surfaces not only on the cars. The main helpful attribute comes with it is Push button which acts as a safety node for connecting and replacing from one place to another.


  • Input Power: 5V/2A or 9V/1.8A
  • Output Power: 10W Max

Wireless Air Outlet Car Charger:

Wireless Air Outlet Car Charger | Fommy

Wireless Charger Car Air Outlet Holder Charger For 4.7 inch to 6 inch Phones

A unique wireless charger which comes with great sensor work can help you more with great charging power instantly. It gives an auto lock and release feature which helps your phone to maintain the safety while it travelling all the day. While it comes with spring clip which helps you easily carry, install and use without any tense.

It is compatible with QI standard smart phone feature where it helps our phone for excess heating and gives a complete safety to our phone all the time. This can be connected with Micro USB and when it directly attached to the charger holder activates instantly with the sensor which is a great feature now in while. It comes with black colour and handles a phone varying from the sizes of 4.7 inches to 6 inches.


  • Input Power: 5V/2A
  • Output Power: 5V/1A
  • Size: 103.5 * 75.3 * 93mm

Multipurpose Wireless Charging Mount with Auto Clamping

QI Wireless gravity Car holder Charger | Fommy

QI Wireless Gravity Car Phone Holder Charger

Firstly this wireless itself is a smart thing when it meets another smart one which has graceful design then it out of our control in happiness. This QI filled smartness mobile charger comes with all the safety things to users like under voltage which gives a perfect temperature resistance and control it from all the heating problems meet your phone.

An ultimate safety nodes for every phone and even notifies whenever it meets with the final limit of charging. It uses an gravity mechanism with automatic lock while charging and automatically unlocks after it is charged completely which is the most convenient feature where we can just lay our head back and relax which this feature. Alongside it has silicone materialism body which is an gives you more lifespan and safety while using.

 The only limitation we can meet is, if you don't have QI function in our phone we need to have a wire that enables QI for receiving. On a overall it is one of the top notch mount which comes with self-adaptive features all over and comes with black colour.


  • Output Power: 5V – 9V
  • Output current: 1.7A-2A
  • Power: 10W Max
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