Best Budget Microphones: Everything about Microphones for Youtube Video, Twitch Gaming, Streaming and Podcasting

Video and Game streaming are becoming increasingly popular and some of the biggest stars on Youtube are earning in millions just by creating contents or playing online games for their scores of followers.  Gaming per say are fast paced with no time for keyboard or messaging interaction with other gamers, many of them rely on fast vocalized conversations or as a streamer, your voice must be heard throughout the broadcast.  So whether you are aiming your next big thing in twitch or online streaming or podcast, a good mic is what you need the most and if you are looking for best budget microphones then this is the right spot for you.

Lets get into the best that can really elevate the sound quality for your streaming or videos.

Best Live Streaming Accessories 

Every other microphone may work for the situation but if you are looking to step up your game, here we are charting out some best options suitable for every situation:

Best Broadcast Microphones

  • Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

  • Condenser Broadcast Microphone

  • USB Broadcast Microphones

  • Ribbon Broadcast Microphones

Dynamic Broadcast Mic are all-rounder often use on stage as they are study and do not require external power. Everyone must have seen this round shaped microphones often used at public events, parties etc.

These are covered with filters called Microphone Filters. One of the best and commonly used for recording vocals, voice over, recording instruments like drum, guitar, bass amplifiers.

These are inexpensive option if you are looking to record your vocals at low cost.

 Dynamic Microphone

Condensed Broadcast Microphones These are professional grade with better frequency response than dynamic Mics. They have low-self noise makes them effective for recording quite or dynamic sources.  Ideal for recording vocals or acoustic instruments and should be avoided when using high sound pressures like kick drums

Ribbon Broadcast Mic One of the earliest, these are Bidirectional mics can pickup the sounds from either sides. These sort of Microphone were used in recording Electric Guitar, Drum overheads etc and are not traditionally used for recording vocals.

If you are musician looking to capture natural sound of your instruments, this is the one for you. 

Ribbon Microphone

USB Broadcast Microphones are Budget Broadcast Mics and one of the easiest to use when you want to start podcasting, streaming etc and have become standard tool of the trade.  These are best choice if you are not looking to add any additional equipment like mixer or audio interface.  

Its as easy as plugging into your computer and start speaking.  Best when you are looking at Broadcast mic at cheap price.  

USB Microphone

Mics That Are Helpful For Creators

  • USB Microphones For YouTube Creators.
  • Dynamic Microphones For Anchors.
  • Ribbon Microphones For Musicians.
  • Condenser Microphones For Dubbing Artists.

The mics like Dynamic And USB microphones are budget-friendly to start your YouTube channel or podcast or online gaming.

Now lets jump into the accessories available for live broadcast and their purpose

  • Broadcast Mic Stand - Keeps Mic steady without any disturbance while recording audio.
  • Broadcast Mic Arm - Attached over the Mic for perfect placement.
  • Broadcast Mic Pop Filter - Reduces the noise and offer Sound waves with zero noise pulses.

Apart from these, scores of other supporting accessories are available like Tripods, Selfie rings for best lighting, XLR Adapter or Cables, Capture cards if using Xbox, Webcam/ Laptop/ Mobile for recording video etc. 

That's it folks!  hope we have covered most of the information about broadcast mics.  So lets keep it rolling and grab your Perfect Mic to make more impact on your followers. 

 Happy Streaming!!

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