Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung S20 Ultra: Complete Buying Guide- Everything You Need to Know

Samsung’s, which is the next generation metric of the flagship phone, has made a great shake in the android world with the grand launch of three different models.

The Revolution of Android 2020 has started with these models from Samsung Family. These models is an upgraded version of S10, S10+, and S10 5G, which the models are Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

So, let’s have a look at how these Models work? And let’s have great phones stack up to help you pick the Best One in the S20 series. 

Without any objections, let’s quickly start picking the best worthy one for you!  

Before anything, we will make a simple note of the same and what are things different in all these 3 Models of Samsung!

What is Similar in 3 Models?

What is the first thing we take a look at when we buy a phone? Display and Design! Isn’t it? The Galaxy S20 devices will come with the same designing of a Smartphone with metal core, glass body front and back. Alongside has a central camera slot in the display. And all the models are designed with infinity O-display curvy edges.

Samsung has given all the models with a 120Hz display, which comes up with 1080p. If you handle these three models in your hand, you don’t feel a difference with it. While experiencing, we can find it different.

Coming to the software, it has the same core hardware, which is either Samsung Exynos 990 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, depending on the location you purchase it. Alongside it has excellent 12GB RAM on all three models, but the Ultra model has a step up to 16GB.

What’s the unique in 3 Models?

These S20’s may come up with some outlined modes, yet it has some different flips; just have a look. What are those!

Build and Dimensions: S20’sseries

The first most unique thing which came up is dimensions. These three may vary in the measurements. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: 15.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm, 163grams 
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm, 186grams
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 166.9 x 76 x 8.8mm, 220grams

Overall built-in features like quality and look of the phones are the same, but they physically range on height with 15mm. 

They also come up with different battery life’s which every model has a healthy one but the difference in their number. 

Display: S20’s series

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: 6.2-inch, 120Hz
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: 6.7-inch, 120Hz
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 6.9-inch, 120Hz

The S20 bunches have a small massive change in their display: Samsung Galaxy S20 comes up with 6.2 inches, and S20 Ultra has run up with an enormous strike of 6.9 inches beating all the ones, while Samsung S20+ comes up with 6.7 inches. 

The S20 models are coming up with an AMOLED display and also allows a 120Hz rate of refreshing. Furthermore, it has a Full HD+ collection and not the highest Quad HD+ display on all over models, which you need to opt pick. On an average mode, the significant difference meets is size. Furthermore, everyone is equally capable of handling all the features based on the price and model.   

Moreover, every model has its great features to fit!! But, maintaining them all the time is a risky job. So, to avoid all those find some of S20’s products that will protect your smart phone more wisely like you.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra if you’re looking for,

  • Great enormous screen
  • A price is just a number
  • A Perfect Camera whistle and Bell

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20+if you’re looking for,

  • Larger Display Screen
  • Want the fastest access of 5G
  • Great lasting Battery life.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 if you’re looking for,

  • Smaller phone
  • 5G isn’t a priority
  • Value for your money.

Battery: S20’s series

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: 4000mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: 4500mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5000mAh

The Galaxy S20 varies a huge in Battery life, which is mentioned above. Suppose your priority is only for Battery. Then pick accordingly for your huge demand pick.

Most people look for a great camera; in that case, Ultrasounds great with its vast Battery even when you use excellent camera access.

The One’s in S20 and S20+ is fair! But, we haven’t cope with anything milder in these two compared to Ultra.

Cameras: S20’s series

Galaxy S20 Series

  • S20: 12MP main, 64MP telephoto, 12MP Ultra wide
  • S20+: 12MP main, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide, Depth vision
  • S20 Ultra: 108MP main, 48MP telephoto, 12MP ultra wide, Depth vision

The most important difference we have to take a look at is Cameras, which is the priority while buying a phone. Moreover, the two models S20 and S20+, are the same. But, S20+ has some difference, which adds time to the flight sensor, which is helpful.

The primary camera comes up with 12 megapixels and 64 megapixels, which is a great one. In general, these all come up with great capturing moments while they only had a feature that should consider autofocus and sharpness. Ultra has 10x better zooming options, which is beyond the mark.

The complete setup of S20 Ultra is quickly different, giving an excellent aspiration for all the photographers. It has a 10X hybrid optic periscope lens, which is a combo of 100x zoom.

So, among those, which is the Best Camera in the S20 series? 

S20 is the best one, with excellent performance of zooming and also for everyday shooting. S20 and S20+ have a great camera, but often Ultra has richer optic features for every use!

Pricing: S20’series

  • S20 Ultra: £1199, $1399.99
  • S20+: £999, $1199.99
  • S20: £799 (4G), £899 (5G), $999 (5G)

The prices have a significant difference, which would probably base on screen size and core power software. Of course, S20 Ultra has a price which is a bit high, which is for its extra worthy features it is offering.

And S20 is a bit low, while it is coming up with 4G and is varying based on locations.

Bottom Line,

Ultimately every model has come up with its kind of features and updates. The one which is best in features, camera, specification, and performance is matters. Before anything, we also have to pick the one which comes best within your budget and needs.

So, these are the things we have to consider while you’re picking the S20 series. Any of your friends are looking to make a buy for the S20 series? Please share it with them, and don’t forget to keep stalking the world of technology in Fommy!

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