eCommerce Packing: Ideas to Delight Your Customers with Essential Check list.

We all know E-commerce is now booming like never before. The phase of shopping and shipping of products has been changed and been providing an optimization to the people and manufactures all over the world.

And People are also been flexible to have online shopping. Who doesn’t want an ease way? But, in a while it is proven that 40-60% of shopping is done through online.

Just a fraction, every small scale business has been all over as a bunch of mushrooms in an yard and selling their goods online. There’s no question that it is a new business or old one, it is quite interesting and exciting to all the people apart from the profits, they are making all their people to interact and hush to buy any kind of product with great info graphic representations.

To all the online shoppers, e-commerce packing is the one and only point that interact customer with their brand. It is the only opportunity you have to make a first and last impression and stand unique defending all your competitors aside with a fantastic customer service and experience.

Alongside you have to remember one thing that is you have to attract and influence them with our purchasing decisions. A Unique simple logic, a great e-Commerce packing makes the customer to repeat mode shopping with you and your brands. They even bring you more popularity in your social media and leave a positive impact to the new users.

Such a important role this packing plays!!

E-commerce Packing Significance:

Do you know? In a recent survey found that buyers are much more interested to show their packages in social media. Over 48% people agreed that they’ve already done so!

In the Platforms like Instagram and YouTube the #Unboxing hash tag has been used more 1.9 Million times. This clearly shows that people are opening their packages and sharing their experience with the product lively. This even helps you showcase your own brand and improve your identity in the market.

So, to make your own brand identity here is some of the great e-Commerce trends for you!

Just Check out the entire list and make a clear vision how you have to build the one. We hope this helps you build a new kind of look to your packing. Let’s just peek all the trends!

E-commerce Packaging Trends:

The Most e-commerce sellers who are selling their brand thinks they should be on top on anyhow and increasing all the unnecessary usage things in packing to look it big!

And Trend shows, that even the customers who are shopping in the age group of 18-29 years are showing disinterest on those kinds of packing choices. So, let’s clear this thing, we shouldn’t access increase the size. The package should be sweet and simple!

Packaging ideas and Essentials:

Packaging is a crucial thing that you have to keep in mind and e-Commerce marketing with all these also matters.

Here are some of the inspirational ideas from e-commerce makers which make you think out of box!

Stylish Designing

Have you ever seen any kind of Beauty brands, they come with a great finish and they use colour pallet on that attracts most of the eyes of the users through packing and also provides their retail stores detailing.

While coming to the beauty brand Nykaa, which is well know provides a great packing which makes their customers to shop again and again.

Customer open the clean plain colored box with brighter products sealed with beautiful adhesive sealing sticker in it. And also a thank you note in yellow colour. It is which more and more attracts the customers.

The overall package gives a classy and stylish vibe which creates a different brand identity.

Use reversible packing:

Like Beauty e-Commerce packing’s we all have different kind of packages which they design both inside and outside and give instructions of the wrapping.


While this Reversible packing comes up with both side designing where you can fold the box whatever side you need or can change based on the product they pick. This is which you can indicate the product and if you want to avoid rough handling we can add some warning outer box label.

This extremely convenient for the packers to move and customers to handle which is an sustainable and an perfect wrap for their decent delight products.

Make easy for the customers:

Positive field yard is important in any kind of business. To make that happen mention the particulars of the product outside the box. So, that they can understand what is the product, size of the product and complete detailing.

When it is with clothing, we can mention the size of the dress they picked with clothing size stickers or if it is any kind of different one mention their detailing in different kind colored round shape stickers.

It helps them know the entire product all about.

Get Certified:

Make sure transfer your products with environment conscious brands like QC Label sticker or RoHS Label Stickers which are recycled papers and also gives an positive impact on the customers who are shopping with you. This also indicates their packaging materials are sustainably sourced and appeal to a young and Eco-friendly to the users and impact on them too!

Try selling refills:

With customers who are becoming intolerant these days with the unnecessary packaging. E-commerce sellers should keep in mind that, they are can reduce their wastage and also should make an footprint which users should shop again!

For example, if you see any kind of e-commerce beauty products like Hair-story, they gives an environment friendly bottles that they can demonstrates this to customers by refilling their bottles and can use for dish cleanings or plant an simple money plant which can grow in any environment. It is which we can attract our own customers by showing how their products can be used in different unique manners.

These are some of the unique ideas where we can stand out of the crowd in the E-commerce packing world. When you’re ready to dial your packaging effective ideas mentioned above. Think out of the box!  Go ahead, sharp your mind and start digging new methods for your own to build your own identity in the market.

Remember one thing; right packaging and shipping supplies can help you attain more and more customers to your brand. So, to explore more range of packaging essentials, keep stalking our Fommy! And yea, If any your friend or loved one thinking to start the e-commerce business share it with them and tell how important this packaging in their business.






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