Everything About Visual Hacking

VISUAL HACKING: What is it & How to prevent it?

Feasibly you lock your files, keep your digital data locked to authenticate users around your office to secure your data. While that's pretty well and good, have you ever considered that what’s happening on those Digital screens could be exposing you, your company credentials, or your banking information to wandering eyes?  Then, welcome to visual hacking, where all your digital screens are at risk and it’s more of a problem that you need to realize.

Basic of Visual Hacking: 

Visual hacking is an act of spying through some other desk, computer screens or phone screens and grabbing their information to create a threat over their sensitive information.

Some people may have an art of gathering everything important and confidential about a person without their permission. But it is actually stealing your sensitive data.

In a recent survey from the Ponemon Institute mentioned, a rise of visual hackers has increased from 12% to 28% all at once in just 2 years span of time. Moreover, 91% of visual hacking attempts are successful which can happen quickly and are impossible to find. Also they have reported the risk of stealing their information has created a sync disorder over people and started suffering over them. 

This is the time to have a global visual hacking experiment over your screens. As the privacy begins on screen and secures the world of sensitive information. We all have a note that an eye opening look should be shut either it might be workspace, public premises, anywhere all over the world.

To shield the sensitive data worldwide; stop alarming through your importance addressing with visual privacy is expanded to give you an unnoticed and risk free life.

Where is Visual Hacking happening?

Nowadays, visual hackers are there one or around and trying to unlock your information and revealing them over large scale data breach which leads to a high risk for a person. 

To be frank, are you sure about your confidential information over public premises? Unfortunately, you are not in safe hands!! The fact every smart device user must understand is that visual hacking is a very common thing happening around you. 

Let me give you some examples

We all have been in a situation where we accidentally bumped over someone's screen, and realised that we saw something which we weren't meant to see; It happens for sure, either it might be at work session with your colleague or an casual evening with your friends and family when they are shopping online; Or surfing some social media either their personal information too. Anytime it could have happened for you!

Your view of noticing is a bit accidental, but some have a clear intention to steal your sensitive information over criminal intent of transgression and have a quick note of it.

If you are a field worker, someone can easily read what's over your phone just by passing through your shoulder.

Or if you are at a medical office someone can simply sneak through your computer monitor and can grab the hospital's sensitive data which can trouble you through HIPAA violations.

A single piece of information exposed to a data breach over visual hacking; may cost a trillion dollar company to lose and stagger. Even reports have mentioned that last year the United States spent 15.4 million dollars over cyber crime. 

How Treacherous Visual Hacking Turns Out?  

Moreover, today in our day to day lives we all have experienced this shift of open workspaces which are even increasing the risk of visual hacking. Even over time, the traditional office layouts may be less savage compared to nowadays modern cubicle office setups.

To explain in simple words, the risk of visual hacking turned out worse and very dangerous. 

Businesses are created on the stems of safety and shielding over sensitive information in different aspects like anti viruses, passwords, biometrics and more.

A privacy advisory group has mentioned recently, that a visual hacking experiment has proved over 90% of attacks are done in just less than 15 minutes and the success rate is almost highest and fulfilled. 

Are you the one responsible for the Visual Hacking attack?

To make it simple, yes you are! If you handle your sensitive information in a wrong place or situation, you are responsible for your visual hacking! 

Even according to researchers, visual hacking has to become a problem as this is occurring over all kinds of organizations to clear the intern of your information. 

It's High Time to Take Action Over Visual Hacking!! 

But How??

Preventing the vision of unauthorised users is not in our hands. But, shielding our screens to avoid them attacking our sensitive screen is in our hands. 

Amzer's High Protective Privacy Screen Filter:

While the Amzer to reduce the risk of exposing sensitive and valuable data from unnecessary viewers with Privacy Screen Filters. Further, it may be an office, casual screaming or even an intentional pry of eye over your data. Everything can be disrupted through Amzer's Top Notch Privacy Screen Filter.

Over 87% of mobile workers are suffering from visual hackings and they need to be taken action. Always covering it with our belongings or going away from the people and finding our own sensitive information is not at all possible. As the privacy over these might not be enough.

Prevention of Visual Hacking:

It's time to encourage the awareness of visual privacy over every bit of individuality. As Amzer Privacy products are there to help you out and reduce the risk of visual hacking. 

Privacy Filters actually play an important role in safeguarding your information from visual users. It acts as a tool over the visual attack of indispensable security tools to protect the confidential data. Even General data protection regulation (GDPR) has also mentioned that privacy screen filters reduce the risk of confidential data exposed to unauthorised onlookers. 

Why to Choose Amzer's Privacy Screen Filters:

  1. Limited View Angle: Comes with a limited viewing angle which is less than 30°C helps the users to secure as much as they can for their sensitive information.
  2. Easy Attachment: Simple and easy installing to reduce the risk free and comfort usage.
  3. Blue Light Filter: Confined with blue light filter to avoid effect on your eyes and shades the unauthorized users.
  4. Touch sensitive: As attackers may try to grab your screen filter to find your thumb information which can lead to a great disaster. Amzer screens come with touch screen compatible too. But will not store your thumb marks over screen.
  5. Anti reflective: Amzer's privacy screen filters come with anti reflective glare from the sun which will protect the screen from damaging through UV and harmful sun rays.
  6. Effective screen view: The most important factor for the privacy screen filter is to protect from prying eyes. It is done in such a way that every user who is not under the straight view can't find the information for sure.

For Which devices Privacy Screen Filter suits for?

The professional privacy filter choice from Amzer comes for every smart device like computer monitors. Laptops, tablets, smart phones. It is simply an all in one source suitable for every device. 

The only things you need to choose is pick according to your smart device model and place an order. You can find everything related to privacy screen filter over our website, 

Where you can simply do it from here, 

Even you can find number of types of privacy screen filters in Amzer:

  1. Basic Privacy Screen Protection - 2 way filter - limit side to side visions.
  2. 360° Privacy Screen protection - 4-way filter limits side-to-side and up/down vision.

Amzer provides a wide range of privacy screen filters which supports over 50,000+ devices with different manufacturing qualities. As Amzer’s every privacy screen filter comes out with 100+ tests proven to give reliability and compatibility.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best Privacy screen filter which will reduce all your stress over sensitive information and lead a happy and hassle free life. Also share it with all your friends and family where this is the time you need to showcase your love towards them. 

Worried to pick the right privacy screen filter? Amzer is here to rescue you and pick the correct filter for your device.

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