Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Complete Review

If your looking for tough and enough and hardest smart era in your life? Then this Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 is the best one which scrapes all your needs and thoughts of using the smart phone in this Smart world. It is a rugged slate with an nifty power trick which can be more hardest and unveiling all the time which can be more simplest with looks but more hardest in performance. This even comes with an best hardware and gives you nearly three years since it is the company's best Galaxy Tab Active which came up with an upgraded version of Galaxy Tab Active 2 which can be more appealing and happening in the market.

This comes as an third iteration of slate line which is giving an several modern touches and durability improvements as compared to earlier rubberized shells. And on an surprisingly it comes with an light consideration of old versions. And it now adds more tipping look for the users who are really surprisingly light considering and bulky to appear.

The Tab Active3's has an vivid range of collection and add-on more denser and fetcher modules on the thing which is more predecessor and gives you the highest resolution than ever.

It has an bunch of different features which you need to know, aren't you excited? Yes!! then read till the end of the article you'll come to know the best version of this Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3.

It has an highest power system too which you need to know. So, Just not waste the time and bid into the best considerations we can make in this phone.

Design- Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

The look is an must thing which you have to firstly talk about this Hard wearing shell case which comes with an tough, non piece of kit. It also comes with an plastic build in sports action which is reinforced corners and is removable and flexible to carry.

This even comes with an hard wearing rear panel which comes with an removal and replaceable Tab which you can find the adjustable battery on the edges over it. And it even comes with an optical SIM and micro SD which can be more pull-out try and gives you the left edge and allows you to get wipe of case removal. This represents an improvement over the Galaxy Tab Active 2.It allows to an 430g of case which can be more pretty hefty of 8 inch tablet and comes with 10mm thickness.

Screen and S Pen - An improved version of clean writing and viewing experience

You need not worry about this cool aspiring tool which is compact and handy to all users which gives you an kick ass definition of exhibiting things over. This comes with 8 inch display and looks similar to iPad Mini.

Even this comes with an PLS TFT Panel and gives you the Samsung's IP relevancy. And it comes with an 1200 x 1920 sharp edge cut which comes with an pleasing and vibrant look on LCD. The thing which you can to speak is it comes with an bright light and gives you the bigger step up from the previous versions all at once.

This even supports and gives you the S Pen which gives you an stylus tablet which comes rather with an larger and tight fitting slot of things and on top you can find the protective case too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3: Performance

This Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with an Exyno 9810 CPU and gives the previous flagship which can be more appealing. And more over it comes with an Single core and multi core processors which can gives you the hardest and multi media power house actions which are light and have an highest paid voids which gives you an general navigation of things which are smooth and flicking.

Moreover, it comes with an 64GB storage and gives you the best camera actions of 13 mega pixel which is facing on f/1.9 camera and gives you the spectacular set up of the modern touch and gives you the highest and standard version of practical exploring action which can be cleared over the scanning bar codes and document delivery which can be direct in contact with Samsung S Pen. And it also gives you the PC-like experience which can be more flexible of tracking and giving the best PC-like experience even in the Smart TV's.

Things you need to know before making a Buy is,


  • Toughest and Hardest
  • S Pen Functionality
  • Can be used without battery
  • Great Performance


  • Limited storage
  • Bit expensive

Complete Sneak Peek Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3:


  • Model - Galaxy Tab Active3 (Wi-Fi)
  • Launched - 28th September 2020
  • Form factor - Touchscreen
  • Dimensions (mm) - 126.80 x 213.80 x 9.90
  • Weight (g) - 426.00
  • Battery capacity (mAh) - 5050
  • Removable battery - Yes


  • Screen size (inches) - 8.00
  • Touchscreen - Yes
  • Resolution - 1920x1200 pixels
  • Hardware
  • Processor - octa-core
  • Processor make - Exynos 9810 SoC
  • RAM - 4GB
  • Internal storage - 128GB
  • Expandable storage - Yes
  • Expandable storage type - microSD
  • Expandable storage up to (GB) - 1000


  • Rear camera - 13-megapixel
  • Rear Flash No
  • Front camera - 5-megapixel


  • Operating system - Android Q

Bottom line,

On an overall, this Galaxy Tab Active3 comes as an proven definition for perfect niche and gives you the solution for all your lacking performance problems and refinement for the most people. And more over it comes as an value robustness which is bit toughest and quick simple to use and handle in your daily routine.

So, What are you waiting for? Just make an Buy and make your daily habituated things much easier and faster than before. And even you can find the toughest tasks done much easier for you. And share it with all your friends who are eagerly looking for this smart phone in their life.
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