Google Pixel 5: Everything we know!

Google, the most popular search engine, has stepped into the Smartphone world on October 4th, 2016, With Its Pixel first-generation Android Mobile. This Pixel model from Apple has brought a new change in the android industry. This Mobile is developed with a technology that was never before on androids, and Its Camera was top notch when we compare it with any other android phone. They were used to call as best camera mobiles.  

Later On, Google has launched many series of pixel mobiles. In 2020, After Pixel 4XL Now, it was coming up with Google Pixel 5, which was about to be released in October. In the last Pixel series, many new updates related to technology are improved, and now pixel users were astonished to know more about this Google Pixel 5.

So now, let’s go into detail regarding Pixel 5 Mobile.

The New Pixel 5, a unique innovation in Google’s mainstream line-up, where the company has been into many attempts to make this flagship device, which is itself came up with a premium range of features. It is also featuring the snapdragon 765, which is an incredible and more conservative sneak of the other devices in 2020.  

Let’s have a complete Glance on Google Pixel 5:

Is Google Pixel 5 worthy enough to buy?

The Google Pixel 5 looks more like a good phone as per more critics has been given a positive vibe with the overall performance. 

It seems to be a good phone with onboard paper in North America compared to Realme and Xiaomi. Previous versions of Google Pixel phones have been such issues with hardware problems, which gave a punch to all the users with this new pretty Google Pixel 5. 

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Those who are in the hunt for a quick bang one, you came up with a great choice, of course, which is much reliable and convenient to use. 

Quick Sneak peek of Google Pixel 5 Specifications

Pixel 5 is the 5th generation in the pixel series that was about to be released by Google.

This Pixel 5 is coming at a low price compared to the last pixel 4xl.

  • It has a display of 6.3 inch with a resolution of 1440x3440 Pixels, and It is a P-OLED Capacitive Display and an HDR Display.
  • This Google Pixel 5 Weights 193 Grams and Body is made of an Aluminium frame Covered with Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back sides.
  • This Pixel 5 is coming with android Version 10, and it can be up gradable to Android Version 11
  • It was coming with Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon Chip and Octa-core processor.
  • Pixel 5 is designed with Dual Sim Slots, where we can insert the sim in NANO Size.
  • It comes with 6 GB Ram and 64GB & 128GB Internal Storage. It doesn’t have any memory card Slot. So that Expandable of memory is not possible.
  • Google Pixel 5 Posses Dual Camera has two cameras, Selfie, and back camera, capturing both Wide and Depth Angles.
  • The selfie Camera is of Mega Pixel 8MP, and the Back Camera is of Mega Pixel 16MP. It can record a 4K Video. 
  • Pixel 5 consists of Two Stereo Speaker’s which gives a Great Music Experience, and It Won’t contains 3.5mm Jack for Earphones.
  • It Contains Type-C Cable for Charging, and it has sensors like Face Id, Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass, and Barometer.
  • Google Pixel 5 is coming with a Battery of 3700mAh. 
  • This Google Pixel 5 is releasing in 3 Colours, Namely Cleary White, Just Black, and Oh So Orange, and it was coming with Model Numbers G020P, G020, GA01181-US, GA01182-US, and GA01180-US.
  • This Pixel 5 Mobile Starts from $633.04 

And that’s it with the specifications and overlooks Of Google Pixel 5. 

To Keep Your Wallet Full to Grab This Brand New Mobile that was Releasing from Google. But, before everything, have a brief touch of everything about Google Pixel 5.

What can we expect from Pixel 5 Camera?

Of course, this is the first and essential note you have to consider while picking a phone. Alongside, this Pixel 5 came up with a bang performance and great capturing features.

Pixel 5 comes with a 12MP IMX363, a primary camera that already expected this in previous generations, including Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. The one thing is it has an extraordinary capturing moment where it clears nodes all the minute details, which are a good one.

The secondary camera comes with a complete makeover; Google has eschewed the Pixel 4 line up with 16MP, favoured with 16MP Ultra-wide shooter. It also comes with great capturing features like cityscapes, landscapes, and a group of people, which can be perfect alongside at once. 

Moreover, we expect top-notch zoom quality, which can be optimized and given great captures without a telephone lens, still produces acceptable 2x and 3x stunning zoom options.

What can we expect from Pixel 5 Battery life?

We haven’t spent enough time with these Pixel 5 yet, but most people have answered that the Pixel 5 battery comes up with 3700mAh bigger than the Pixel 4’s series.

The Pixel 5 does support 5G connectivity, which is a radiant and consumes more power than compared to 4G’s. But, as of now, it gives a continuous stand-up battery life of 6.5-7 hours on the screen in a while. 

Focusing on Mid-range or giving up on a high-end? 

The Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 comes with devices which can give a hard time rationalizing. In the earlier launch Pixel 4, has disappointed with the fewer upgrades, low device efficiency. 

In a while, Google considered all changes and came up with all advantages of things in Pixel 5, which gave bang to users.  

Overall, this would be a great one with the features and gives an incredible performance. But, frankly, a bit absurd is the pricing has been a heavy one which $499/£499/€499 it is a much more amount for the Pixel 5 sample division of features.  

So, there are many positives and some negatives that we have to consider and pick for a buy. 

 We recommend you wait a bit and then get ready to make a buy calculating all the things and choosing next!  

As you know, Fommy is a bunch of evaluated electronics sources that keep finding something new for your best handy one. And Keep Exploring, Folks!


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