How to Take Care and Empower Yourself from COVID-19 | Self Care Tips

Since December 2019, the corona virus has rapidly spread worldwide and destroying lives. Till the early September with more than 30,369,778 cases has been noted! According to WHO and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the dangerous Covid-19 seems spreading like a dragon fly into everyone’s home and screwing their life’s. To take control and live our own lives is a tough job now days.

Covid-19 Self Care Products

So, today we will let you how to handle this trance situation and maintain our healthy lifestyle as usual !

There is so much we can’t control right now! One thing in our hands is to focus on protecting ourselves all time. The fact which we all are dragging is not having enough of time in a day to maintain the things. We’re dealing with family, kids, work pressures, changing mode of working and feeling like a million things screwing our head without a reason. We have to handle all those anyhow? But, taking care is for us, so we have to make it happen for ourselves.

As we all are aware of this virus and simple precautions to protect us. So, we are letting you know some products and their uses which will give you relief from this Covid-19 stress situation.

Always keep things Hygiene and Clean:

The first and foremost thing to be taken into consideration, protect yourself and be hygiene. Here are some of the Defence precautions to be followed in your daily routine.

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  • Wash your hands more often with soap for at least 30 seconds after doing any kind of activity like eating, blowing the nose, coughing and sneezing.
  • If you don’t have access to the soap and water, we can replace them with sanitizer which should be 70% of alcohol at least.
  • Always avoid touching your organs like eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Stay home when you feel sick, if it is necessary only make a step out of the home using Disposable Face Mask with complete Ear loops which helps you secured all time.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw in a bin. Wash your hands and cover your elbow rather than closing hands. When your cough or sneeze make sure you cleaning your gadgets every time.

Avoid Close Contact:

Social distancing is a key factor while making a mitigate spread of covid-19. The WHO says distancing in the public must be approx. 6 feet. If you’re travelling in a cab make sure are in a hygiene environment and a Transparent Quarantine Anti Spray Shield should be installed inside the cab which prevent droplets, dust, and do not block the field of vision but block isolation, and divide the space

While at home, make sure wipe down your surfaces especially sanitizing your surfaces. Always hygiene your things with Cleaning wipe which helps you cleans all your devices like tablets, smart phones and laptops. You can’t wipe your gadgets all the time with sanitizer. And some time, the sanitizer may damage your electronic gadgets. So, use some Cleaning wipes which is the perfect for your optics plus lens, eye glasses, tablets, camera lenses, screens and keyboards which will wrap your surface perfectly without any bit of bacteria. It will be helpful for you and your family healthy life.

With this, you continue ultra modern lifestyle with more ease and self care!

Wear a cloth face mask:

To make yourself safe, follow the guidelines given by CDC. This is especially recommended to make people safe in their public places. Mostly focus of the social distancing which will make you safe. Follow according to the individual environment and if you see any own symptomatic make sure it should prompt before reaching you.

3-Ply Face Mask with Earloops

Always wear a mask for your kids whenever pick them out of the house. Mostly, don’t take chance of getting out with kids, if in case it is compulsory make sure cover those with high protective disposable face mask which is certified & FDA approved. Because, the bacteria fighting level of kids and adults may vary make sure have it special accessories for them on this epidemic time. 

Restrict your travelling:

Travelling may be a chance you can affect with corona virus easily. This may risk you and your loved ones lives. The government has gives some guidelines make sure you allow all those things to be done.

And we recommend not having a personal touch with any kind of objects while you travel. Avoid all the non essential things while you travel. If it is a compulsory travel, then constantly wear a mask and carry this antivirus non contact alcohol pen which will assists all your works like travelling through any elevators this will be an every helpful assistant which avoids you touching all the dangerous walls.

Once you step into your room or lodge make sure you sanitize all your belongings thoroughly to make it hygiene when you use it for the next time. If you haven’t find any kind of liquid sanitizer use, this multi functional UV Light Disinfection sterilization which will just clear all the bacteria and virus present on your belonging with just a single click. You can’t wet all your gadgets every time. So, make sure carry such a great thing which makes you and your belonging completely safe. It is a best gadget ever which is most useful thing for a traveller which is because it comes with wireless charger helps you finish you works instantly!

So, if you must travel make sure you follow all these safety measures while you’re on the mode of travel. Also stay up to date with new instructions that are in the place of your travel meet.

We know how important the live of a human being is? So, don’t just wipe out your life with negligence. Follow all your heart with much safer this time. It’s our priority thing to keep ourselves safe from getting infected!

It is better to take care before the virus hit us and chance our life. You can even use some Epidemic Prevention Products for self care purpose. 

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