Trendy Accessories that iPhone XR User Must Have

No matter what your budget is? Or what kind of tech freakier, You can get plenty of useful and trendy accessories in a decent price.  

Getting the most of your iPhone XR means using the right accessories which can make your tasks easier, don’t believe me? Have you ever faced a lot of struggles while carry your accessories, have you ever dropped your phone and thought of god! What to do now?

Accessories for your apple smartphone can make your device take away your frustration out in certain things and make you find a better ways to compete your actions. You all will love the utility when once you started using all of them.

Although fancy wireless headset and high featured Bluetooth speakers might need an increase in budget, but these stylish lighting cables, funky phone cases, grips and extraordinary wireless chargers gives you more happiness with in affordable ranges.

As Fommy, tested thousands of accessories over years and picked the best accessories for your Apple smartphone which have been filling joy and happiness to all the users. 

1. A Lightning Cable: 

The lightening box of the cable comes too short with a new iPhone.  It is very difficult to pick these while travelling or keep using while you charge.

Lightning Cable for iphone xr

So, pick this iPhone XR cable which gives a better length and also gives a knob on the hold which will be useful to use perfectly carried one.

2. Fast Charger: 

The Fast Charger works with different variety of devices and comes with Quick charge. This fits for iPhone XR series, XS Series, XR, X and 8 series even at tough times.

iphone xr charger

It comes with a safe Qi charging ports and pairs alongside with an over current, over heat, over voltage controller with all the safe guards in you. It doesn’t carry any heat over to phone or phone cases which improve the life of the iPhone.

3. Mobile Cases:

What’s your mood today? A funky or drowsy or energetic! Whatever it is we can pick the excellent and durable protective case for your iPhone XR.

protective case for your iPhone XR.

There’s nothing better than picking a one which suits your day. And keep in mind pick the case which lasts longer and flexible for your tasks. We can’t recommend that this would be perfect one! Find your favourite and best one in the ocean of collections we have!

4. A wireless charging Stand:

If you’re a lazy person or a person who are fed up with all the chargers and cable wires all around. Then, this would be a perfect device meets all your ways.

Fast 10W Qi Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Stand

An Wireless charging stand which comes with both beautiful and practical, as it is the wireless device which comes with Italian leather and perfect braided cable which is much attractive trend now a days. While it comes with charging coils and no dead spots.

5. Cleaning Kit:

Whoosh! Perfect cleaning kit is the one wanted these days. You don’t even know how much dirt you have on your loved iPhone is having! This is an perfect cleaning kit which helps you clear all the germs within no time and brings an everlasting look.

cleaning screen of iphone xr

This kit comes with an antimicrobial microfiber cloth, disinfecting spray which is safe for your electronics. This is the time you have to pick these kinds of one’s which makes us more and more healthy.

6. An Apple Watch:

There is no better smart watch than Apple Watch, It comes with different series. Just about every iPhone owner will love to have this, isn’t it? This is really fail-safe one which can help you track the fitness metrics, keep your heart rate and health track, go swimming, notify the all your messages and much more.

Apple Smart Watch

If you keep on telling their is no end for this Smart Apple watch benefits of using it. It’s a true companion for your iPhone.

7. Water Proof case:

If your an loved to have an aquatic life or just an lovable klutz, then you need this useful life waterproof case which is can be even submerged in the water and can work you lasting continuously.

Waterproof pouch cases for iPhone XR
It can hold the water up to 6.6 feet deep for an hour and more. It’s fully sealed and built-in screen with protector and port covers which is safe for all the elements.
8. Screen Protector:
It’s so easy to scratch or get a crack on your phone screen accidently. So, we recommend you best screen protector which is a practical stocking suffer.

Best Screen protectors for iPhone XR

We have a bunch of varieties of Best iPhone XR Screen protectors which are durable, easy to apply and some other special features where you can use these for all the time. It even has some privacy shields all over phone. So, pick accordingly to your interest which makes your phone last everlasting on the long run.

9. A Pair of air pods:

Although, they are truly wireless ear buds which give a better sound experience and lasts long and simple to use. If you’re a travel freakier then this would be a better option which gives a perfect company for all the way.

airpods for iphone xr

The pair of effortlessly, never lose connection and they come up with the best charging case which will charge instantly and help you carry comfortably.

10. Mount:

Driving to a new place or going for a trip? How would you find where to go while you carry phone on your hands and find the place?

best car mount for iPhone XR

How can you enjoy your great long drive on your car or bike carry phone over hands? Only one solution for all your problems, pick the best mount for iPhone XR which makes is suitable for bikes, cars and cycles. You can even find this as a better solution for all your kinds.

So, pick the best accessories for your Apple smartphone which make your work much easier and comfortable to finish all your tasks at a time all at once. Share this with your friends who have it and suggest them with the best accessories for them. See you again, until then keep exploring the world of technology in Fommy.

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