iPad Air 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: Which One is Best ?

Apple VS Samsung is the most constant comparison almost every time. The Frequent Arena tends to the crowded smart phone market. However, Tablets are dominated by Apple with the entire industry. That's an old say! 

Now, the battle has risen through, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus may have what we what in the Android spotlight.

The new iPad Air has been launched, and we compare it with its sole original competitor in the market, which is Samsung Tab S7 Plus. Let's have a look at which one fares out to be the better version of your perfect daily use!

Fommy is here to find out which is the latest model in its light and powerful Airline?


When you see the Design compared with many factors, it seems like iPad Air 4 and Samsung Tab S7 Plus is inspired by Apple's iPad Pro 11 refreshed version. Both Offer rounded corners and narrow edges, which gives you a better feel than most of the tablets. 

If you take time and put both sides by the side you may take a while to discover the tab' stab's difference.

The Colour options, the Apple's latest innovation Air, comes with silver, space gray, and Rose gold options, adding some green and sky blue. To enhance your iPad Air look, club it with Best iPad Air Cases, which adds much beauty in your hands.

And in Samsung S7 Plus, comes with mystic bronze, black, and silver, which gives you an appealing look which you can feel WOW! When you see it once you see it!

To keep this stunning mobile safe in your hands, make sure to protect it with Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Protective Case or you can you use Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Leather case with Folded Holder which adds grip and gives you transferable much more lifetime.

Top of the iPad Air 4, you'll find a new block button, but the device will still activate like iPad Pro. It wisely is a Touch ID Sensor on the top. 

While in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Tab, It has a standard sensor unlock, which is a Fingerprint scanner button. But, in most reviews, the users have mentioned that it wouldn't work that faster. 

And yes, you can find the respective collectors for both Tabs such as keywords and own attachments. iPad Air 4 comes with Apple's  Magic Keyword and second-generation Pencil.


As for the screens, the Samsung Tab S7 Plus gives a drastic look of a 12.4 -inch AMOLED screen, and the display comes with incredible brightness of 1752 x 2800 LCD while it comes with a good canvas. Not even a single drawback to here, no denying says that Samsung is a golden gadget here!

The standard Tab S7 Plus comes with a ratio of both slates that offer a 120Hz refreshing rate and pick the best animations and feel the right input battery touch. 

Galaxy tab S7 plus images

Furthermore, Apple's slate offers a Dynamic different Liquid Retina display and its resolution of 1640 x 2360. It comes with 10.9 inches, which is slightly smaller than the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

apple ipad air 4 images

Camera & Battery:

Apple has the best strides with its camera hardware and software in recent times. While the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus are the apparent strikes with both 13MP and 5MP sensors.

The 5MP is an ultra-wide, gives you great capturing shots all the time. When you reach for tablet VS phone, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus would not be an excellent recommendation.

That's not in the iPad Air 4; it comes with a 12MP sensor where you can click beautiful pictures for a day. In the other case, it doesn't give you any great photos during dark times.

While on the video resolutions, Samsung S7 Plus Tab comes with 4K at 30fps, other more, iPad Air 4 comes with 60fps.   

On Battery complete, Apple hasn't revealed the iPad Air 4's battery size but said to be offer 10 hours of a battery lifetime. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus comes with a standard 10,090mAh battery, which gives you apparently up to 15 hours of video playback, even with a high-resolution model. 

Rather than Apple, Samsung fast charging along the side comes with USB-C ports.

Specification & Features:

The iPad Air 4 comes with an A14 Bionic chipset, a neural engine that enables machine learning. It may sound like a buzz, but the Bottom line iPad Air 4 comes to a faster and smart mechanism that offers the best for the users.

Apps that leverage the AI give you a different experience and even give you better photo editing and great graphic performances. 

iPad OS 14 may come along as the modest update. It also comes with great indulging features where even android can't even match it. While you can even find Apple Pencil with Scribble function, which gives you the written text into digital text.

You can have a great privacy App store with a new Safari feature in Home and Note Apps. Alongside it comes with mouse and keyboard support.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Tab,comes with an octa-core snapdragon 865 plus chipset with a neural processor. It comes with Android 10, which got improved privacy and live transcripts.

Now, the Tab S7 Plus comes with a new refined S pen, which is the stylus device. It offers excellent low latency and attaches safely keeping. While coming to the functionality in Apple Pencil, it adds much value to your tablet.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus gives you a 1TB micro SD card, and while iPad Air 4 will be confined with its own space, which it is offered while on their buy. 

While Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus comes with 4G and may get 5G chance, iPad Air 4 only comes with4G.

Bottom Line

At this point, Samsung and Apple are proven champs. But, the end shows what the operating system you choose!

The latest version of the iPad Air comes with great Design and remains reasonably upgrade and may also get the insignificant performance meets. While the Samsung S7 Plus Tab comes with many blown out ways that meet all your expectations with splendid output.

If you're an Apple freak, then undoubtedly, your choice is clear. But you're a mild adventurous thinker, and then Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus would be entirely permitting one!

Your friend is a both Android and OS lover; then, this article is a must-read. So, please share it with them. Whatever may be the version, one thing never changes, the diversity and vast of gadgets explosion on Fommy Don't change.

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