Creative Outdoor Light Decor Ideas

Everyone groom themselves to appear well. A classy dress doesn’t look good if we don’t groom ourselves well likewise a lavish building and our garden doesn’t look well if we leave them as it is. We need to add some objects that make that environment look much brighter and beautiful. If we visit any place the first thing that attract our eyes is Lightening. It turns any ambiance into Spectacular looks. Surprised Right !..! Want to know in details, isn’t it? Come let’s gear up for Detailed View.

Creative Outdoor Light Decor Ideas

Outdoor decor is at most important factor because the first appearance before stepping into our house will be in the hands of outdoor decor. It enhances the beauty of the place to another level. We at Fommy, an ocean of things which everyone needs in their daily use. Here we suggest to some great outdoor décor objects that gives more sense to the Beauty for your house.

Every house needs these, either for the devotional things, night parties, home functions, whatever! And on the other hand, you need any occasion for decorating your house? So, then what are you waiting for lets jump and take a look at these beautiful glories lights for you house.

Solar Energy Conical Starlight

This was one of the best Lights for our door. It runs with a solar power it contains a battery which helps the light to charge and it was very easy to carry. It comes with Automatic System that is it chargers in the day time and automatically turns on during nights.

No man power is required to maintain this light. If you are feeling restless of turning on and off your garden lights, then you must pick this product. It not only reduces your Work but also gives long lasting lightning. It’s duration of about 8 -10 hours on full charge.With this you can find a perfect candidate clicks too that can add some beauty to your instagram profile.

Square Tempered Glass Outdoor LED

Are you looking for a Beautiful Theme Based Look for Your Pool Area and Garden Area? Then trust me this will suits you best. The square tempered glass outdoor Work on solar power it contain 600 mAh Battery which gives continues lightening for 5-10 hours on full charge. This was available in different colours like Red, Yellow Green, Blue and White. So, what are you looking for grab this product and makes your environment much more prettier!

Square Tempered Glass Outdoor LED

These can be perfect for all kinds of theme parties like you’re entering into sweet 16, then these theme based glass decorative lights adds beauty to your party night.

Glass Bottle Pendent Lamp

Have you heard the concept Beauty with beast? This product gives the exact meaning for it. This product contains LED in a circular glass. This light inside the glass gives the beauty when they turned on. The action will be done automatically as it runs by solar and turns on automatically due to the Presence of intelligent light control. It runs for 6-8 hrs on full charge and it was pollution free.

Glass Bottle Pendant Lamp

While the installation is very easy we can simply hang where ever we want. Don’t you think these perfectly go with your date night?  Thinking of it! Yes, if you are thinking to plan at your house, these will shower much more love and you can impress your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend with such a cute creation.

90 LEDs White Light IP65 Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor LED Solar Light

Hello Pool Parties, Get ready to give a bang !

PIR Motion Sensor LED Solar Light

This Motion Sensor LED Solar Light can be installed at our house entrance that it to the roof and at our garden area it acts as flood Light. It was also waterproof and dustproof light that runs with solar energy and operation is automatic. It has a deflection of 120 degrees by this we can adjust the position as per our requirement and it also comes with three lightening modes.

34 LEDs White Light IP65 Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor Solar Light 

This was a Junior Version of Previous 90 LEDs Light. This was able free light and easy to carry we can use this at night parties for dance floors. Also can be used for small pool areas and garden areas. This PIR Motion Sensor Solar Light runs with solar energy and automatically turns On/off As per climate i.e. at day time it will charge and night time it turns on.

34 LEDs White Light IP65 Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor Solar Light

This will perfect for any kind of surprise parties where feel stunned with these motion sensor lights which is less in cost and electricity consumption too!

2 PCS 8 LEDs IP44 Waterproof Solar Powered Buried White Light under Ground Lamp Outdoor Path Way Garden Decking LED Light

These lights can be called as a path way lights. These kind of lights were mostly Installed on the floor to represent the path way. This Lights makes look our garden way much more cool and gives a fine way to navigate.
2 PCS 8 LEDs IP44 Waterproof Solar Powered Buried White Light under Ground Lamp Outdoor Path Way Garden Decking LED Light
It comes with 8 LEDs and runs with solar power and can work for 100,000 Hours. The Outer frame is made of stainless steel and it was a waterproof Light whose operation is automatic.

Solar Powered Wall Mount 6 LED Doorplate Lamp House Number Porch Lights with Solar Panel

House numbers this was the common scenario for everybody. Why to look same as other let’s bring out some uniqueness for our house with this LED Door Plate. This Porch Lights Will gives to a great appearance for your house number With White Light. It runs on solar so that we don’t need any cable. Alongside the Installation is damn easy even a beginner can make it. So, for what are you waiting for swipe your cards and get this wall mount LED door plate lamp and makes your house look different from others.

Solar Powered Wall Mount 6 LED Doorplate Lamp House Number Porch Lights with Solar Panel

There is one common thing in all these Lights i.e. Ever Product will work on solar Energy. These products not only save your time of arranging, scheduling or automatic glances. But also enhance the beauty of your environment more and more within affordable reach to your house. So, let’s kill our party nights and memorable days go plain add so much of brightness to it

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