LG Stylo 6 Review: Well Budget Smartphone with more features

The only option for all the stylus fans who are looking beyond Samsung? Then this is the one which gives you all the leaped out with great key features where every lover of LG is looking to have!

So, just not waste much with finest options and pleasant surprises. The first impression of mine when I had LG Stylo 6 in my hands is, design and display which are apparently beauty and adds more value to your hands while using. The thing it has is, it comes with more vibrant and stunning colours where you can feel like holding a beast in your hands. You can relatively feel narrow and comfortable while picking all its nodes while using.

We all know how important the first impression is, it completely changes the story while you're using it. In recent times you can't find such an epic and reasonable shot in android phones that to in affordable pricings. To enjoy all the budget-conscious about this beast, let's dive into depth look of how and what it offers.

So, to make it happen and to give you complete clear note of all the things about this phone. Read till the end of the article it helps you know more and gives you more innovative and slightest info related to this heavenly feel phone LG Stylo 6.

 Before a node, the thing which I want to let know from our own research is, It comes with six iterations which can give you an attractive and modern design which it might help you give pleasant mode of using. And more over it comes with larger display of 6.8 inch and built-in stylus which can give you an note and drawing with solid and stereo speakers which is much more easier and helpful to use and work with long lasting battery life and falters an great performance with end processor drags all your mind nodes here itself.

So, let's Dig more about LG Stylo 6

The LG Stylo comes with perfectly designed board of phone which comes with high reflective and striking gradient in hands.

Overall Hardware: LG Stylo 6

Going on the board with LG, it gives you a glossy plastic material which can heft you a comfortable feel with a glossy plastic material on! You can see some plastic on the back panel and gives you a feel of slippery sometimes. So, to avoid these you can pick some of the best accessories for LG Stylo 6 which we brought a complete high quality and premier products which can fit your phone and comfy you a lot.

The frame of the phone is super slim and gives you an SIM tray where you can add your extra storage slot for micro SD. You can even fit with this USB-C charging slot which gives you easy charging options and even adds it with a single speaker and stylus which comes with 3.5mm headphone jack.

Display and Stylus:

On an overall, the display comes with very huge in size and alongside comes with 6.8 inch LCD panel which gives you a top-notch feel while using it.

It has very cool camera which even has an inbuilt feature of adjusting brightness all at once with developing colours too. Alongside, it comes with 1080 HD mode of using which is an effective one to use and pick in that pricing. The LG stylo 6 looks stylish itself nothing looks better like an predecessor which is an updated one from LG new launch.

While is featuring with 6.74 x 3.06 x 0.34 inches which weighs around 7.73 ounces and gives you a stylish look with much more stretching access all at once.

The front of the phone comes with camera which looks like a tear-drop where most of the people are very satisfied and using its modes with it. And it gives you and resolution of 1920 x 1080 and adds density of 344 pixels per inch.

The phone is constructed with NEG glass which seems you like a shock resistant material which protects your entire beast node and brings with a water protection and always makes your phone safer.

Camera: LG Stylo 6

The Stylo comes with 3 stunning camera sensors which adds you a pleasing note of using with great memories and actions all the time while using. It even comes with 13MP primary lens, f/1.8 aperture and 5MP wide-angle lens with a range of f/2.2 aperture. Along with these we also have a depth sensor of f/2.4 aperture.

The primary lens comes with lighting scenarios which gives you a crisp and solid color accuracy which is in depth gives you a wonderful shots all the time with these super pledged edge noise.

The high premier quality which it has is, comes with a bright good light and adds much more edge distortion and gives you a soft and clear background and much more fine and fascinating sharing look while using through social media. It gives you an low-light node with much more noticeable worse feeling all the time.


The Stylo 6 comes with an Helio P35 chipset which gives you an 3GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage which helps you find the out of box exploration and adds you with 2TB extra space with additional micro SD slot.

On an overall with an brighter note, it comes with an high prominent and life styling battery of 4000 mAh which is very easy to fit and pick the one with full brightness and lasting up to 12 hours,9 minutes. Alongside it comes with an hour less of Moto G Power which gives you a solid result.

The most pleasing factor where everyone love to pick is it's responsive and didn't give you any lag with much more rejection works to pick it for.

And you know, if you thing with your stylus is whenever you take the stylus away from the phone it automatically adds an notepad to your phone screen which gives you an top down ideas and adds much more fascinating and add-on features where everyone can easily access their works without any problem. And gives you a quick reminders too with mindful of features which gives you a multiple customizations.

On an overall, we can pick this attractive design to its stylus and gives you a winning mode of usage. While we actually prefer where stylus experience which actually adds much more  great equipped and stylus look which will beat all the nodes of your experience.

So, what are you waiting for! Just have an look at the complete sneak peak of the phone and start making an buy for your device. And what is still stopping you just swipe your card for this stunning phone which adds you a special day.

And share it will all your friends who are looking and thinking to make a buy for this phone. As all we know improve your tech knowledge with Fommy and keep upgrading yourself. See you guys again.
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