MacBook Air 2020 Vs MacBook Pro: What should you buy

MacBook Air 2020 Vs MacBook Pro, the battle of the most trending and wildest epitome style laptops now heating up. We all might find this is the time to have a great thought of bringing new things into house. Thankfully, Mac Books we have in market right now are, great looking, peaky design with high on comfort and also stunning performance where everyone eventually falls in love with it.

So, for all those who loves with Mac Books comment us which is your favorite MacBook model and obsessed to have them in life?

But for all the newbie's, who are looking to make their first move in buying a MacBook have a confusion, which might be the best one and have a long lasting performance with high results in long run. As we have bunch of models in the market and difficult to pick one! However, we might have chosen the hands up to give you the exact model which is right to use. However, this might be the most searched query among Google and all search engine platform which is now together going to wrap you up with a finest solution.

Which among MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2020 is best? So, to find the solution read till the end of the article and find solution for all your queries.

MacBook Air M1 2020 Vs MacBook Pro:

As we can see both the laptop have few similarities which is launched with M1 processor and quite few more similarities. So, it is tough to choose, but we are here to give you the exactly which is more preferable!

But, one huge change is that Apple has changed it whole setup in these two models after 15 years. Thinking what change that would happen? That is the huge processor replacement from Intel to Apple's new M1 processors which has upgraded its note of being its own!

As Apple wanted to give unique for their users in which they have obtained in touch with this and gives you the very cool, fast and engaging performance with battery life which is unpredictable for users to explain the utility which is in a word Fab!!

Let's compare more in depth:

First and foremost thing one can observe instantly is, look which can be a glance difference anyone can make out a look with. Even the weight of the laptops varies, as MacBook Pro is 100 grams less than MacBook Air which is very easy to carry and handle with all the portable things to be moulded around with.

Coming to processor the old version MacBook Air 2020 is a bit slower when it is in the thermal room or in some heated temperatures. Moreover, there are not at any difference we can see in performance as these both came up with considerable M1 processors and also come with virtual assistance with it.

And these two comes with same processors which are 8GB RAM and same SSD which is more to the top for both laptops. But, have a few alternatives and variants on MacBook Air comes with 7-core GPU in its M1 processor as this is not at all the more fun on demanding game for you to have a run for it. While Mac Pro comes with super cool, chilling and more attain action which is packed to give you high premium performance.

While, there is an issue with a bit heating of processor but this is barely found in M1 MacBook Air not in Mac Pro. Only you can see these cooling kinds of things with video editing or performance things which are more vibrant and noticable point these days for everyone!

And more on, this comes MacBook Pro comes with 500 nits brighter screen than the MacBook Air. Furthermore, Air has functional keys while Pro comes with touch bar which is fuller sounding speakers and all stereo speakers' makes you appeal the pro more stunning all the way out with it.

Paying a few bucks for Pro is worth for its battery life, as Pro contains long lasting battery life than Air which is quite noticeable and wanted things these days.

For all those, new MacBook newbie's, here is something you should know! Which is if you're the one who are confused of MacBook usage? Here are some of the things one should be noticed and taken in charge! We are solving some basic queries for all your needs and things while using MacBook Pro!

How to turn on/off your MacBook Air 2020?

If you're your updated Mac Books, you can simply turn on the Power button which is on the corner of the laptop.

Or else, if you're using late 2018's model you can simply press on any key or click on track pad which will turn your system on!

Turn Off your MacBook,

There are couple of ways one can do this, simply by pressing on Apple Icon, and go to Shut Down. Done!

How to take Screenshot on your MacBook?

As simply as it is!! Press and hold Shift+Command+3(Numeric). That's it! You can see the thumbnail of at the corner of the screen; you can simply edit it or share it.

How to Screen Record on your MacBook?

Two things help you record the screen, which is simple screenshot toolbar and Quick Time Player.

Firstly, screenshot toolbar:

Tap on Shift+ Command + 5(Numeric symbol), press all these 3keys at once and you can see the magic on screen which is already started recording your things.

Or you can simply use these onscreen controls like cameras and all. Simply click on camera icon which gives you instant result just as you do in your smart phones. You can record, trim, share, edit, whatever action you wanted you can do it.

Second Method: Use Quick Time Player

Simply go to your Application Folder and open your Quick time Player which helps you record things instantly. When ever, you opened it, to start recording press anywhere on the screen and see the video starts automatically which you can see on your menu bar.

To stop it, you can change the recording settings and update it. Else simply press Command control Esc (Escape) button.

Even here, you can edit, share, play and updated actions over it.

How to Reset any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Pick a hold on your Command and R (letter) keys and switches it on your Mac, you can even see Apple logo.

Neatly, select your preferable language and then Disk Utility and then CONTINUE button. Then, choose your start-up disk (Default) from side bar and click Erase button.

Then, finally disk which you selected to be erased from your Mac Book.

How to delete apps on your Mac:

It is necessary to delete apps from your MacBook, as it cleans your hard drive and gives you storage space for you to utilize. For that, you can use Finder or Launch pad Apps.

How to delete apps on Mac using Finder:

Simply, open Finder App. And choose the app which you wanted to delete. Then, select Move to Trash or just Drag to Trash.

Sometimes, you might even ask for Username and password. Simply give them. That's it! You can empty the trash or else it will automatically remove from trash within 30 days.

How to delete apps using Launch Pad:

Simply find it on Application folder or click on dock, you'll find Launch Pad.

After that you can select the apps you wanted to delete using keys left or right. Once after selecting you can select delete option and confirm it. Done!!

Bottom Line,

We hope to clear most of your queries related to these MacBooks and by now you may have some clarity of thought as which one suits your need.  If you are looking to buy new MacBook or upgrading the existing, head to our MacBook Accessories page for cases, covers, privacy filters, keyboard protective film, cables, adapters and many more.

If you else have any queries, which one to pick or how to use MacBook related things, let us know in comment section! See you guys again!!

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