Motorola Moto G 5G Review: Affordable 5G Smartphone

Motorola is a biggest competitor brand in mobile industry. The every new invention from Motorola was top in class. Not only now even earlier itself Motorola has come up with unique designs like flip mobiles, slide mobiles and many more. We all know that Motorola Moto G 5G has brought us the Best 5G Mobiles into the market with Innovative design and Interface. As if Now Motorola has launched 5-6 5G Mobiles within the affordable Prices. This Year Motorola Has Again Came up with new 5G Mobile Named Moto G 5G Mobile. Now let's get into the Details of Specifications and Features of this New Mobile and also let's have a look at Comparison of this New Mobiles with existing Moto Mobiles.

Specifications & Features of Motorola Moto G 5G

If you were looking for a Premium Mobile from a Leading Mobile industry with all the best features and specification then This Moto G 5G suits you the best. This mobile is built with Qualcomm 750G chip set which makes our phone work like a Super phone. This chipset is mostly used only in the premium mobiles. The display of Moto G 5G was too good and it is a full HD Display with gives is the fine view of the visuals in other words we can say that this gives the best viewing experience. This Display comes with True Life Colours i.e. whenever you were watching something or capturing any visuals that gives us true real colours. There are some mobiles which enhances the real colours of the Visual. But Our Moto G 5G Gives the exact visuals which we are viewing with our eyes. The Length of the display is 6.7 Inch which was pretty good length for mobile users, having the big screen will be really beneficial for Gamers as Well and this was a HDR Display which gives the Resolution of 2400x1080P.

The Processor must be given a Special Attention This Processor delivers 20% faster CPU and 10% GPU Performance we can even experience the desktop version games in this mobiles with a great speed and real-time graphics. This processor will gives us the long lasting performance even with high loaded applications.

As we discussed earlier in this Article This Moto G 5G was a 5G Supporting Mobile. As are fed up with the slow data speed's we have brought you this Super Phone with High data speeds that were never before.

This Smartphone has another best feature i.e. Battery. This mobile Comes 5000mAh, this mobile comes with long lasting battery where we can have a battery life about 2-3 days. The most important thing here is this mobile comes with fast charging Technology. Most of the mobile users were looking for fast charging mobiles because these days' people were looking for a devices that makes their work quick. For all the rest of the things we can manage but in case of gadgets what makes them fast. If we want fast performance that will depend on RAM and Processor and when we talk about camera The pixels matters in the same way when we want to make our phone charge quick we need a Fast Charging Technology. Earlier mobile users not aware of this technology but now everyone were eyeing on Fast Charging mobiles Mostly. So, Motorola made their users happy with by building The Moto 5 5G with Fast Charging Technology.

Now let's have a look at Camera details of this Moto 5 5G Mobile. This mobile comes with 48MP Back Camera. This camera is built with Different cameras like Wide Lens Camera, Micro Lens Camera. We can shot ultra HD Photographs with this mobile with true colours. Capturing the picture with true real colours always gives us the best feeling. Some Mobiles need a better lightening to capture the visual. But using this mobile we can capture the image and shoot a video in any lightening. Sometimes we'll fall into the situation of capturing the more than the actual. Are you worried about this right!!! But No worry, This Moto G 5G has a ultra wide camera where we capture the larger areas like sceneries etc. The Doubt regarding the Wide Angle was fine but what to do if we want to capture any miniatures. Motorola has again brought the best answer for our question with Micro Camera lens. Which can be used to capture the smaller objects. And the Selfie Camera comes with 16MP and We can Even Capture a Slow Motion Video and we can shoot a Video with 2K Resolution.

This Mobiles works on Android 10 and the interface was designed in a Simple way which makes the user to access the mobile easily. The gestures and we can also create the customized tabs on our own and this mobile also brought us the Duplicate apps Option which was missing in few mobiles. And this mobile comes with 128GB Internal memory where you can store a Bulk of data. We can say it as a Packed Home where we can just check in and enjoy the features that it possess. This Mobile has an IP- 52 Water repellent design i.e. even though the mobile meet up any water the mobile won't be affected by it. Having such feature is really important these days. This Moto G also has NFC Feature through which you can pay without getting in touch. And this Mobile also has a feature of Voice Assistance through which we can operate the mobile as we like. Motorola has provided a Special Button So that by pressing on it we can access the voice control. This mobile comes in two colours Volcanic Grey and Frosted Silver and This Mobiles Costs About $169.99

So this was all about the MOTO 5G PLAY 5G Mobile. We have covered the every aspect that you will look for. So, FOLKS!! What are you waiting for check out the features and Get your New Smart Phone From Motorola Family.

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