OnePlus 8 Long Term Review: Truly a Premium Beast with 5G

OnePlus 8 Long Term Review: Truly a Premium Beast with 5G

Every OnePlus phone launch creates a massive impression with much more hype on the product. As the time goes with we all have a new handset on the significant OnePlus 8 which comes with upgrades over its predecessors. If you ever sneak peek into the company's recent launches and products releases everything has created a revolutionary wing with its own upgrades and made everyone impressed with it.

And with this, we have seen the OnePlus 8 which gave a massive streak ahead on offering the pretty well balances offering a company needed and gives an out whelming performance and camera sheds ahead with the smoothest Android experience currently running all over the market.

We all know how dramatically change the OnePlus7T, OnePlus 7 have created on the words of the tough phone in this era and acted as per the user need. Alongside we have early versions like OnePlus 6T which has been giving an act of run and Now OnePlus 8 has been giving a sleeve to create the distinct identity for itself! So, what is the new version and how it's been working? And what is the major update it's been posing? To find answers for all these questions, read this article until the end you'll find all your answers!

OnePlus 8: Detailed Review

As we all know OnePlus 8 has been giving the right amount of brains and brawns apart for the younger sibling series like OnePlus 8 Pro. The flagship smart phones have really come up with an age and give you the two new launches in the one product.

The OnePlus comes with a new products and slickest to the Android experience which comes with building upon the fundamental flagship killers and gives you a speed, robust performance, phenomenal camera which comes with a high end orients all at one side. Along with these it is also offering 5G speed which makes you stand away from the smart phone old era and gives you new flings.

And as the OnePlus 8 is offering so much it is now offering much greater vibe into the phone with its new update from this November 2020. The Gazing mode is, OnePlus 8 users will start receiving the Oxygen OS which comes with and Android Security Patch.

This update brings Android Security Patch along with optimizations and fixes showing on your node whenever it is needed.

To know more, we shall wait till it comes into usage and factors on it.

OnePlus 8: Design is setting a New Bar

We all know how adorable the OnePlus is efficiently giving the itch for the simple and modern makeover of the phone which takes you all back to radiant series of OnePlus 5 and 6 series which gives you more simplicity and blandness which you have now get to meet this OnePlus 7 series which comes with bolder shades where everyone got impressed with it.

As if now, the OnePlus 8 came up with the evolutionary path and given you the most pleasing and adorable take away which makes everyone stuck to it.

Such a pleasing shades which are Onyx Black, Glacial Green, Interstellar Glow which is offering at just $799 which gives you a highest combo of RAM and storage too.

This design comes with the mirror finish and gives you a lot of hue to make it much easier and fancier to make a step to use.

Beyond the fancy color, it also gives you an design for which is very curvy, glass wraps and comes with an front and rear surfaces which also comes with thin aluminium finish of making its job complete. And more over, it comes with the combination of metal and glass which seems to be the most imperceptible and gives you the chrome like in its reflectivity.

As on the side, we all have this major outstand of things with scant millimetres lesser in dimensions than compared to Pro.

This is 5mm shorter, 1.45mm narrower, 0.5mm thinner and finally gives you the most significant in usage with 180g of weight than OnePlus 8 Pro it is very flexible to peek.

But, to have much safer and prominent reveal it is suggested to have the best accessories for OnePlus 8 which make you all feel safer and flexible while using it all the time.

It comes with a triple action ringer which switches the greater side of the node with it and adds more accountability while using it.

The OnePlus 8 comes with an excellent piece of hardware which matches all its need and source of happening with its finest finish.

OnePlus 8: Display Quo

Along with these you can also add some of the fetching modes which adds more beauty to your hand in just an efficient mode away for you.

It comes with,

  • 55 inch AMOLED
  • Full HD, 2400 x 1080
  • 90Hz refresh rate, 402ppi
  • In display Fingerprint sensor

Despite of lesser specs, we have to take a note of things which impress your eye is this smooth motion of usage and vibrant colours which comes with the higher resolution and sufficient in needs of average loop.

As the Performance is breathtaking and make you all the actions more comfortable it comes with a node tremor of the actions.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Adreno 650 GPU
  • 8GB/12GB LPDDR4x
  • 128GB/256GB UFS 3.0 2-Lane

Whether you run for the screen or its essence, it finally gives you the world class performance which makes you add a more bench marks and besting 99% of usage and databases which gives you all the marks of happiness in the rusting android eras.

So, what are you waiting for pick the best OnePlus 8 and start your new era with the add-on accessories which makes you feast ahead everyday in your life. And share this with all your android lovers. See you again folks. Until then keep exploring the world of technology in Fommy!

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