Privacy Screen Filter: Why every enterprise should take visual privacy seriously

With the rapid growth of digital mobility, enterprises are facing drastic problems over the time in every place either in public places nor at their own office. The organizations has to proactive the approach to stop the Visual Hacking.

A global provider needs to be secure over all the unwanted views; it will happen only with advanced technology and modern level of improvement will happen only with privacy screen filters.

To confidentially use online or mobile banking, open for office settings, healthcare providers, financial services or even attorneys- the only ideal solution is to have a premium privacy screen filter which will provide you risk free and peaceful life from all the prying eyes.

Why you need Privacy Screen Protectors for Enterprises:

As privacy screen protector comes with double duty as screen guard and protector over unwanted views and protects in crucial time over risk areas like financial sector, banking or even attorneys. 

While 95% of all security issues involve human error, as the mistakes happen. But, if your mistake costs a billion dollar company disability it will ruin the complete business environment. 

For Health Care,

If you are a Health care professional dealing with thousands of patients and everything about their diseases and health which is confidential information a health care must take into consideration majorly. 

For example: If a celebrity joins your hospital with a mysterious disease which should be held confidentially. If in case, the disease has fetched out from your system and it completely ruins the society and creates a lot of panic situations over the time. 

By the time the situation cools out, your health care institute has completely collapsed. This all happened with just a single bit of sensitive information stepping out from your desktop. So, if you use this premium quality privacy screen filter you stop this disaster at an initial step itself. Privacy screen filter adds embedded security to your information and blank your screen to all the appropriate unwanted eyes.

Moreover, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) & every other privacy policy requires Businesses to protect personal information from public or other non essential personnel. Amzer Brand has created premium trust worthy privacy screen filters to ensure your sensitive data not to snoop out.

For Banking & Financial Sector,

As the growth of digitization has increased risk of online frauds. In this way, this is actually protected from VPN and network security over the other web of fraudsters is protected. 

How can shoulder surfing be protected? 

Once, the Synergistic research group surveyed over 1,000 customers who reported that they had lost money just by visual attackers in the year 2001.

And the research has proved that over 47% of the scam will be increased by the early 20's. As ATMs and other kiosks move over, the outdoors has the durability to attack you with a single vision. 

So for that, Amzer has developed a privacy enhanced computer based display filter with electric research laboratories which actually works by hiding your information from prying eyes in a smart way.

Amzer, the global leader of manufacturing screen protectors, has stepped into creating specialty touch screen shields, several films and filters just to reduce glare on CRT and LCD screens. 

One of those products is an integrated LCD monitor which will blank the screen while a person is using the ATM. And also Amzer created new glare reduction screens for the financial industry which will protect their ATM PINs and other sensitive information.

Furthermore, recent reports stated that shoulder surfing and other scams has reduced these days in some sector banks. As these banks are concerned about the screen possibility and reduces the glare from others vision.

Amzer sells premium touch screen and non touch screen privacy glass which has created a sensation over refurb shops and ATM services to maintain their company and services peacefully.  

For attorneys,

Anyone can be a visual hacker, inside or outside of the firm. Visual privacy couldn't be stopped as every person is in need of something. How many visitors or clients can be stopped at your firm on a daily basis? And How come you pick and verify that they are actually not stealing your sensitive information. 

A research conducted by Phenomenal institute stated, the undercover white hat hacker was sent as a person to multiple firms and corporate offices just to gather information using visual mode. The result has actually shocked the world, that 88% trails of information are grabbed out of a firm just by prying vision of a person.

In that case, how come you feel your firm is completely secured? 

How do you know, whether a person staying with you over a month or over a decade is grabbing your sensitive information just by vision?

If that is true, How is responsible for your firm liability and reputation in the market. It's time to keep up to the speed of knowing the truth and turn towards industry lead over screen technologies to protect your sensitive information.

This will happen only with premium privacy screen filters which are created over advanced micro louver technology to block the side views and blank the view of the intended user. As the people staring at your screen on either side can see only a darkened screen and nothing else. This is available in multiple variants based on your need over Amzer website which leaves your screen clear and unhindered to every other prying eye.

So, it is a must have for every medical facility, financial institutions, banking, government offices, testing facilities everything needs to be protected with Premium Privacy Filters which will embed the reduction of Visual hacking over sensitive information.

 What are you waiting for? To secure your enterprise from visual hacking and to lead a stress free day, switch to premium privacy screen protectors which can help you stop ruining your business. And if you still have any queries related to the Privacy screen filters, you can better reach out to 8003727020 or reach out to our website Privacy Screen Filter . We'll help you find the Best Amzer Privacy screen filter based on your need and device.

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