Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: Power Packed Monster

In this world of auto machine and upgraded technology. The expectations and the requirements of the people has went to the sky. Many Telecom industries were failing to meet up the expectations of the people. When all were failing one brand take up all the challenges of the people and stood as a rock-solid since years. Many things has been changed in recent years many mobiles with lot more exciting and innovation features were invented in the market. These new mobiles were built with a performance that was awesome in speed.

Apart from performance these days’ people were looking for the stylish out look of the mobile. The texture and the design also has a huge demand in the market. These were few mobiles in the market were we can say that they can be recognized by their design only. As many brands were been launching their mobiles in the mart. People started remembering the mobile with the design pattern. Few years earlier most of the mobiles used to look similar but now the scenario has been totally changed every mobile is coming with the unique design and features.

In this huge competition in mobile world there is an emperor who was leading in the front line of the market. I.e. SAMSUNG.

Samsung used to release more and more mobiles with unique features and stylish outlook. Whenever we listen the technical names like notebook, folded phone etc. the first thing that comes to the mind was Samsung.

Even though it’s been from long years back this brand never disappointed their customers. It keep on updating its features in every mobile and Samsung is the one brand that brought many new innovations to the market.

Last year in 2020 Samsung launched many mobiles and the Major thing that we can consider was the Samsung galaxy note20 and Samsung galaxy note20 ultra and Samsung galaxy Z flip.

This Samsung galaxy Z flip is a folded mobile. At the time of this launch people were very excited to see the folded mobile feature in smart phone. And the Galaxy series in the Samsung has a separate fan base. The Galaxy series mobiles were huge success in the market as well. Now we were going to have a look at the new galaxy mobile from Samsung named as Samsung galaxy M51

There were lot more exciting and interesting Features in the Samsung Galaxy M51. Are you ready to know more about this mobile? I know you were excited come let’s jump into the Specifications and Features and the impression on this Samsung Galaxy M51

This was a monster mobile you will get to know why I called this M51 Mobile as Monster. Let’s have a look at the Display options. This mobile display is 6.7 inch with slim design and with a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels. And it was also a super AMOLED plus display with gives us the great user experience when we were accessing the mobile. And the front side is built with glass and the back side is built with plastic and the edges were also made of plastic material. So whenever accidentally it got slip our mobile will be in safe hands.

The Mobile is built with high-end processor the speed of the processor is 2.2GHZ, 1.8GHZ which was a super-fast. We can experience the high resolution games even faster with this Samsung galaxy M51.and it was an Octa core processor

This mobile weighs about 213g. Which was somewhat heavier when compared with another mobile. But when we need some high end features we need to accept some things.

The one best thing we can say about this Samsung galaxy M51 is the display even though the display is large some mobiles have a sharp edges so that whenever we watch any video or play any games we feel somewhat discomfort but this M51 vanished all our worries this mobile is coming with the Curved edges so that we can have a great video experience.

Samsung took at most care in setting up the camera features of this M51. It comes with both Rear camera and Front camera. The Resolution of the rear camera is 64+12+5+5 MP it was a multiple camera and we also has a flash on the back side so that we can even use this mobile in the night time as well. We can capture the image with 8x Zoom and while the front camera resolution is 32MP and front camera doesn’t have any flash and Zoom

But this was a best camera mobile the resolution were too high and there was even a Slow motion feature with 240fps we can shot a HD Photage in slow motion and with normal camera we can shot a 4K Video. And there was a Depth camera as well where we can experience the Miniature photography. And we can shot the ultra-wide angle video as well.

This Samsung galaxy M51 is coming with two models one with 6GB Ram and 128GB Internal and the other with 8GB Ram and 128GB Internal.  There was a memory card option as well and we can expandable our memory to 512 GB.

This was a dual sim mobile and that too Nano Sim size. This mobile is compatible to 4G technology as well.

While coming to charging type it was a Type C charger and the battery capacity is 7000mAh. This was the first ever smart phone with such a vast battery. And This Phone also has a reverse charging option. I.e. we can charge our phone with another Samsung Galaxy M51. And we can have a talk time about 64hrs and 34hrs video play time and 182hrs music play time. This was a best feature in Samsung Galaxy M51. I think now you got your answer why I called this mobile as a Monster Mobile.

This Mobile also has a NFC Option. This mobile is built with normal speakers but even though we can have a good quality of sound. This mobile is available in two colours Celestial black and electric blue.

So that’s it guy these are the specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy M51. This was a very good mobile in all the aspects. And the Price Range is approx $350.

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